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Loving Life as a Leadership Consultant


Emma Torry, Drake, is one of the 2022–23 Leadership Consultants (LCs). She found a home in Kappas when she was 18 years old and lucky for her, her journey with Kappa continued in a very special way. When Emma was a senior, unsure of what her future would hold, she found an opportunity to dream boldly and live fully while working for Kappa.


This job has been the COOLEST opportunity and only reaffirmed how amazing it is to be part of an organization built to empower its members.

- Emma Torry, 2022–23 Leadership Consultant

“I was absolutely terrified to graduate my senior year,” says Emma. “I felt lost and scared about my future career and not quite ready to leave the things I loved most in college: Kappa and the people within.”

2022–23 Leadership Consultants at Convention 2022

Last year, when Emma was serving as New Member Chairman, 2021–22 Leadership Consultant Megan Chunias, Miami (Ohio), visited Drake and it was the perfect opportunity for Emma to learn more about becoming an LC. “She told me all about it and I had the gut feeling this was exactly what I was looking for,” says Emma. “Kappa had always been there for me when I was lost, so it only made sense that it’d be there for me now.”

“I am so grateful I trusted my gut. This job has been the COOLEST opportunity and only reaffirmed how amazing it is to be part of an organization built to empower its members, ” says Emma.

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Emma’s Favorite Parts of Being an LC

Feeling Empowered

My favorite thing about this job is that I am constantly surrounded by empowered women. I meet with some absolute powerhouse leaders and am always blown away by how incredible they are. It makes me feel so empowered to see others leading with confidence, kindness and intelligence. I know everyone I meet with is going to leave a positive impact on this world.


There hasn’t been a single week so far where I haven’t learned something about myself, my sisters or Kappa in general. This job is full of learning and growing as an individual.

Opportunities to Explore Future Career Paths

Being an LC has given me the opportunity to explore different campuses around North America and learn about different career paths. I’ve learned about majors I’ve never heard of and careers I’ve never looked into. It’s been such an awesome way to identify potential higher education opportunities for myself!

It has really helped me figure out what I want to do with my career. As an undergraduate, I majored in the sciences because I didn’t know what else to do. I always enjoyed learning about anatomy and biology but never felt inspired by a specific job in that field. Now, after traveling and talking to so many individuals, I’m recognizing I thrive on social interaction and helping people find the answers they’re seeking. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea of finding a career outside the sciences and am so excited to finally find something I’m passionate about!

Authentic Work

I’ve learned how important it is for me to work for a company or organization whose values align with my own. Kappa’s Mission Statement is nearly identical to my personal life goals. Empowering others is something I have always aspired to do. Feeling so connected to the Fraternity’s mission makes me live and work authentically.

Travel and Connections

As an LC, I get to meet hundreds of people with new ideas, different backgrounds and unique mindsets. It’s allowed me to expand my understanding of the world so much, all while creating thousands of connections. This job truly is the best thing ever! Not only do I get to meet the coolest sisters, but I get to travel all over North America to do it! I’ve gotten exceptionally good at getting through TSA and napping in whatever open seat I can find at the airport.

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