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10 Perks of Being a Leadership Consultant


Kappa’s Leadership Consultants (LCs) travel around North America for a year, visiting each Kappa chapter and empowering and inspiring members to dream boldly and live fully. You may have seen an LC at a virtual chapter meeting or visiting your officers on campus, and you may be wondering what it’s like to travel and work for Kappa.

The 2022–23 Leadership Consultants at Convention 2022.

Here’s what the 2022–23 Leadership Consultants love about their job:

  1. Being an LC has given me the opportunity to explore different campuses around North America and learn about different career paths. It’s been such an awesome way to identify potential higher education opportunities for myself! — Emma Torry, Drake
  2. Meeting hundreds of people with new ideas, different backgrounds and unique mindsets has expanded my understanding of the world so much. — Emma Torry, Drake
  3. I’m grateful to have the most incredible teammates who are driven, supportive, caring and amazing assets to the organization. My fellow LCs have quickly become my close friends and sounding rocks. I simply could not do this role without them by my side. — Fontana Frazier, TCU
  4. Every week, you enter a new environment and work with a new group of individuals. It’s really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Establishing relationships and having the ability to adapt are both skills I have been able to further develop. — Alana Dean, Illinois
  5. The opportunity for fostering connections and building a strong network across North America is one of the best perks. — Fontana Frazier, TCU
  6. As an LC, you get to see so many different parts of North America that you otherwise might not have. My first time in Canada was on a two-week trip to visit two chapters. — Alana Dean, Illinois
  7. Helping others become stronger leaders and exploring leadership development opportunities with them makes you a stronger leader as well. — Emma Torry, Drake
  8. Working with different chapters means working different hours every week. The flexibility and autonomy that comes with being an LC are unique aspects of the role. —Alana Dean, Illinois
  9. I love getting to connect with so many chapters and learning about all the amazing work they are doing, then being able to share ideas with the various chapters I get to visit. —Fontana Frazier, TCU
  10. This job has been the COOLEST opportunity and reaffirmed how amazing it is to be part of an organization built to empower its members. — Emma Torry, Drake
Leadership Consultant Applications

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Leadership Consultant applications open Nov. 30, 2022 and close Jan. 9, 2023.

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