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The voyage of discovery that began in 1870 continues as we live generously and inspire positive change in our communities. Because, after all, Kappa Kappa Gamma is ours to shape for the future.

150 years

Founders Day 2020

It’s a journey we’re still on today. Only 150 years of Kappa history has been written. The story of Kappa is still young. As we reflect on where we began, what we have done with all that was given to us - most important is how we, together, intend to build a bridge to Kappa’s next 150 years of empowering women.

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Allyson Lazarre | Why Kappa

12/20/2021 - Northeastern - Eta Omicron -

When I came to Northeastern, I knew Greek Life was something I wanted to be a part of, but going through Recruitment I felt very uncomfortable. I was alone, had no friends, and felt different being a woman of color.

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Bold Beginnings

1/6/2020 - Monmouth - Alpha Deuteron -

“On a little wooden bridge spanning a small stream that flows through the northeastern corner of the campus, two college girls one day held a schoolgirls’ conversation out of which grew the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity.” That’s how Thomas H. McMichael, president of Monmouth College from 1903–36, described Kappa’s earliest days. It was the late 1860s and that now-famous conversation between Mary Louise “Lou” Bennett and Hannah Jennette “Jennie” Boyd was more than a passing fancy. It was the start of something big.

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Joining Kappa is unlike joining any other group or club. Our members dream boldly and live fully as they carve their own paths in the world around them. In Kappa, you’ll find a lifelong network of loyal women who can’t wait to meet you!

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