Healthy Gut, Happy Girl

5/10/2022 - Penn State - Delta Alpha -

What you’re putting in your body matters. When it comes to college students, it’s a lot of greasy fast foods and late-night slices of pizza. We’ve all been there, right? 

Jennifer “Jenny”Meyers, Penn State, wanted to join in that college right of passage, but, she was battling severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), meaning those craveable late-night slices could land her a trip to the hospital. Using her IBS experience as a source of inspiration, Jenny is now helping others fuel themselves with real, healthy ingredients.

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Self-Care and Stress Management Tips


Life can get stressful — whether you’re dealing with a tough coworker, prepping for finals or just overwhelmed by it all.

Before you get too stressed or overwhelmed, we have a few self-care and stress management strategies to add to your routine or put in your back pocket. This way, you’ll be prepared to take on whatever life throws your way!

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