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A Policy Announcement from Kappa Kappa Gamma


Throughout the past year, Kappa Kappa Gamma has focused on creating equitable and inclusive spaces within our organization. We’ve had thoughtful, but tough conversations and carefully reviewed our policies, practices and procedures. As part of these evaluations, we established a Legacy Focus Group, which was comprised of collegians and alumnae from a variety of backgrounds.

After the Legacy Focus Group presented its recommendations and we weighed all perspectives, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Fraternity Council decided to eliminate all preferential treatment of legacies during Recruitment and the Fraternity legacy definition.

We are dedicated to ensuring Kappa is a place of belonging and inclusion. We must have the courage to evolve.   

We understand this decision may be met with mixed reactions. Some of you may be reading this as a grandmother, mother, daughter, or sister of a Kappa. Some of you may be first-generation college students or related to a woman in another National Panhellenic Conference organization. It is our aim that all potential new members experience an equitable path to membership in Kappa Kappa Gamma. As Kappas, we believe in seeing the beauty in each person and treating everyone with respect and dignity. We must work to ensure that all aspects of our organization reflect these values.   

Moving forward, we want to create spaces and experiences that allow for all types of connections among Kappas to flourish. Whether that’s a connection between a mother and her daughter, a stepmother and stepdaughter, best friends, partners or others with whom we share special bonds, we see, recognize, and want to celebrate all the extraordinary relationships our members have with one another through Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Since our founding over 150 years ago, Kappa has been on a voyage of discovery. Along that path, we have taken bold steps to create positive change. Our chapter members ensure our future. Our alumna members ensure our longevity. As we look to align Kappa Kappa Gamma to both our values and to the experiences of our members, we all must be willing to adapt. We promise you that we will continue to listen and shine a light on opportunities to learn and grow.

Today, we firmly believe that an inclusive membership will set us on a path to an even more vibrant sisterhood.


Your Fraternity Council


What was Kappa’s most recent legacy policy and definition?

Kappa’s most recent legacy policy defined legacy as “a sister, stepsister, daughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter of an initiated Kappa.”


Does the legacy definition still exist?

No. As part of the thoughtful discussion and evaluation, Fraternity Council felt the legacy definition was limiting and should be removed from Kappa’s policies. This provides an opportunity to welcome and celebrate all special connections that exist within Kappa’s membership, not just those through familial ties.


How does this change impact legacies who are currently part of our organization?

There are many types of special relationships within Kappa. It is our belief that while these connections are special, they should not result in preferential treatment during Recruitment.

Those special relationships can still be part of our members’ Kappa experience. For example, members can and should consider attending a family member’s initiation ceremony, serving as a mentor, or participating in other Kappa activities.


If my daughter/sister/granddaughter joins Kappa, is she still considered a legacy? Will I get to be involved with her Initiation?

While legacy status will no longer exist, any initiated member of Kappa is welcome to attend the initiation ceremony for new members. It is an incredible, meaningful ceremony, and we hope the words still inspire you today.


Does this change impact references?

References will continue to serve as an introduction between a potential new member and a chapter. Do not be concerned with a specific date for completion of references as Kappa Kappa Gamma does not have a deadline in which references need to be received. They only need to be received by the chapter prior to the start of recruitment in August or January.