While you may have questions and not know what to expect when you get to Convention, rest assured that we’re here to help. Each Kappa will be welcomed by friendly faces, so they’ll never feel alone! From airport greeters (wearing Kappa T-shirts) to our friendly Kappa registration and hospitality teams, we are here to answer your questions from the time you make your plans until the moment you head home.

General Questions

What is Convention?

Convention is a gathering of Kappas held every other year. Alumnae and collegians gather to conduct the business of the Fraternity. This includes reviewing and voting on amendments to our governing documents, installing newly elected members of Fraternity Council and District Directors, and planning for the future of Kappa.

Who attends Convention?

Convention is a time for all Kappas to connect, build new friendships, and celebrate all things Kappa. Fraternity leaders, including Fraternity Council, Content Directors and District Directors, attend as well as association and chapter delegates, Advisory Board representatives, and House Board members. While voting members have the privilege of making motions, debating, and voting, Convention is open to all members of the Fraternity.

Can I attend if I am not a voting delegate?

Yes! Convention is a great time to connect and celebrate our sisterhood. Enjoy the hotel and resort amenities, explore the Phoenix area, and more.

What is my role as an association/chapter delegate?

A delegate is a member in good standing who acts as a voting representative for an association or chapter. Prior to Convention, delegates should review the proposed revisions to the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules and seek input from the Kappas they represent. Delegates are expected to attend the entirety of Convention and should be present at all business meetings. In case it becomes impossible for a delegate to do so, an accredited alternate will take their place.

What should I wear? And what should I pack?

We recommend comfortable and appropriate conference attire. Consider:

  • Lavender haze. Please indulge us by dressing in the Convention color palette for Parade of Flags on Thursday night. Think: lavender, gold, and of course, blue and blue.
  • Business casual. Dresses, skirts, or pants are perfect for business meetings and our keynote. Please avoid athleisure. Pro tip: Bring a sweater because the business meeting rooms can be chilly.
  • Blue and blue. Throw on your best blue-and-blue gear (we know you’ve got it) for our Rah Rah for Kappa surprise event on Friday night. Psst … Don’t miss your chance to buy a Convention shirt during the registration process.
  • Whiteout. White attire is required for Opening Business Meeting and Memorial Service on Friday morning. Think: dresses, jumpsuits, pants, and shoes. No shorts, please.
  • Bring on the glam. Feel free to get dressed up for the Candlelight Dinner on Saturday night. Think: semi-formal or cocktail attire.

Pack like a pro and come tote-ally prepared with a bag to carry your belongings from session to session. We’ll be in the desert and we all know it’s important to stay hydrated, so make sure to bring a water bottle too.

I don’t know anyone attending Convention. Who will I meet?

Convention is an opportunity to meet Kappas from all over the world! Fraternity leaders and volunteers, association and chapter delegates, general members, and Kappa Headquarters staff will gather in Phoenix to conduct Fraternity business and have some fun in the sun.

Will I have a single room or a roommate?

Unless a single room preference is noted during registration, you will have a roommate. Please note: Single rooms have an additional nightly fee paid by the attendee.

How are roommates assigned?

The Convention team will assign rooms based on your chapter affiliation and Convention attendee type. For example, if you are a collegian from the University of Michigan, all efforts will be made to room you with another collegian from your chapter. If you’d like to request a roommate, make sure you and the Kappa you’d like to room with both indicate your roommate preference during the registration process.

Will I have free time/breaks?

In addition to the business of Convention, we have fun activities planned, including creating your own essential oil blend, planting succulents, assembling mental health kits, and more. Check out the agenda.

How do I know what to attend? Do I have to stay the whole time?

Voting delegates are expected to stay for the entirety of Convention. They should be present for all business meetings, sessions, planned meal functions, and any meetings requested by Fraternity officers, District Directors, or Content Directors.

General attendees can create the Convention of their dreams by checking out the agenda and attending what they’d like. From mental health and well-being activities and heartwarming sisterhood events to time-honored traditions — like the Parade of Flags and Candlelight Dinner — there’s something for everyone.

What are the cancellation policies?

View the General Convention cancellation and air travel cancellation policies here.

Can I stay extra nights?

Yes. Find information on extending your stay here.

Can I bring guests or children at any point during Convention?

As Convention is a formal meeting of the Fraternity, no children are permitted in any Convention space. Families are welcome at the hotel/resort but not permitted in defined Convention spaces.Only invited, registered guests are permitted in Convention spaces. This includes but is not limited to Convention Hall and the dining hall. Attendees must wear nametags, which must be visible at all times to access the Convention spaces.

Are there opportunities to support Kappa during Convention?

Yes, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation Tribute Table is a special opportunity to honor Kappa sisters and support the important work of the Foundation. Make a gift and receive free Kappa notecards. You can visit the Kappa Foundation Tribute Table to make a gift at Convention or you can make a gift during the registration process.

Registration Questions

I didn’t receive my registration confirmation email. Now what?

Please reach out to the Convention team for support.

What are the costs to attend Convention?

This varies based on the capacity in which you are attending. For more information, please reference your email about registration being open.

How do I make changes to my registration?

If you need to make changes to your registration, please contact the Convention team.

How do I note special dietary needs?

Dietary restrictions can be noted in the registration process.

Can I bring my emotional support animal to Convention?

Only service animals are permitted at Convention events. If you are bringing a service animal, please note that in your registration and travel plans.

Travel Questions

How will I get there?

Attendees whose transportation is paid for by the Fraternity and who live within a 250-mile radius of the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix are expected to drive to Convention.

Attendees whose transportation is paid for by the Fraternity and who live beyond a 250-mile radius will fly and make their travel reservations during the registration process.

For non-voting Convention attendees, you may choose travel based on your personal preference.

Do I book my own travel?

Attendees whose transportation costs are paid for by Kappa must make their travel arrangements through Direct Travel. Their travel information will be collected during registration.

If you’re responsible for covering the cost of your travel, you may use Kappa’s travel agency, Direct Travel, or you may book travel on your own.

How do I book travel?

All travel information will be collected during registration.

If you’re flying to Convention, go to the flying and airfare information drop-down on this page to learn more. For those driving to Convention, go to the driving information drop-down on this page to learn more.

What if I need to change my travel plans?

If your travel is booked through Kappa’s travel partner, Direct Travel, please contact the Direct Travel team. Please note: Any fees associated with changes to your Convention registration or travel plans will be your responsibility.

Does Kappa pay for my transportation to and from the airport and airport parking?

No. Kappa will not reimburse attendees for travel to and from the airport or parking costs. Shuttles to and from the Phoenix airport will not be provided. Kappas can connect for ridesharing opportunities in the Convention app, which will launch closer to the event.

Does Kappa pay for parking at the hotel if I am driving to Convention?

If you’re staying at the hotel, self-parking is complimentary. Convention attendees not staying on-site will be charged for parking. Find more information on parking rates at the hotel here.

I have a preferred airline and/or arrival departure times for my trip to Convention. Can I make special arrangements to accommodate those?

All attendees are encouraged to use Kappa’s official travel agency, Direct Travel, to make their travel arrangements for Convention. Please note: Attendees whose transportation costs are paid for by Kappa must make their travel arrangements through Direct Travel and will not be reimbursed for travel booked through another source. All travel information will be collected during the registration process. Kappa pays the lowest applicable airfare from the participant’s home city to Convention. Any stopover or deviation will be at the participant’s expense.

If your transportation costs are not covered by Kappa, you are welcome to make your arrangements with your preferred airlines.

When should I arrive/plan to depart?

Attendees are encouraged to arrive by 3 p.m. MT on Thursday, June 27. Departures may be made as early as you like on Sunday, June 30, unless you’re registering for the Kappa Foundation Milestone Brunch or plan to extend your stay.

Details for extending your stay.

I didn’t get the travel email. Can you resend it?

Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. If you still do not see the email, please contact the Direct Travel team.

Does Kappa pay for checked luggage?

Per Kappa policies, participants whose transportation costs are covered by Kappa* will be reimbursed for the cost (if any) of one standard checked bag. Additional baggage fees will be the participant’s responsibility.

Participants whose transportation is not covered by Kappa will be personally responsible for the cost of any checked luggage.

*See your registration email.

What happens if I miss my flight or my flight gets canceled?

If your flight is delayed or canceled or you miss your connection, use the airline’s app to view alternate flight options. The airline’s app is the best method in these situations and will give you the most up-to-date information.

Delegate Questions

Do I have to attend every business meeting?

Voting delegates are expected to stay for the entirety of Convention. They should be present for all business meetings, sessions, planned meal functions, and any meetings requested by Fraternity officers, District Directors, or Content Directors.

As the delegate, how do I participate in voting?

Voting delegates must be present to vote during Convention business meetings. More information about voting procedures will be shared once delegates arrive in Arizona. We recommend attending the parliamentary procedure workshop on Friday to learn more about how to effectively participate in the business of Convention.

As the delegate, how do I get the chance to speak and share my opinion?

First and foremost, delegates have the chance to share their opinion by participating in voting during business meetings, such as for changes to the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules. Second, delegates (as well as non-delegate members) have the opportunity to be recognized and speak during business meetings when debate is opened on a motion. Per Robert’s Rules of Order, there is a preference given to voting delegates to speak over non-delegate members. We recommend attending the parliamentary procedure workshop on Friday to learn more about how to effectively participate in the business of Convention.

Our delegate can no longer attend. How do we change our delegate?

An alternate should have been designated. Please contact the Convention team to share your updated delegate. If the delegate needs to be changed to the alternate on-site, please see the Kappa registration desk for more information.

Will I be able to meet the Kappas who support my chapter or association?

Yes! District Directors and Content Directors will be attending as well as other leaders.