Business of Convention

The purpose of Convention is to conduct the business of the Fraternity, which includes:

  • Reviewing and voting on our governing documents.
  • Installing the newly elected members of Fraternity Council and District Directors.
  • Planning the future of the organization.

While voting members have the privilege of making motions, debating, and voting, Convention is open to all members of the Fraternity.

The following are nonvoting members of the General Convention: members of Fraternity standing and special committees; Content Specialists; representatives from chapters, Advisory Boards and House Boards; and visitors.

Delegate Responsibilities

A delegate is a member in good standing who acts as a voting representative for their association or chapter. To be in good standing, Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters must receive all necessary reports and fees by June 1.

Delegates should review the proposed revisions to the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules prior to arriving at Convention. Additionally, they should seek input from the Kappas they are representing. Each delegate should print and bring a copy of the proposed revisions to the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules to Convention for reference during the Fraternity Bylaws sessions. Delegates are required to attend all business meetings, sessions, planned meal functions, and any meetings requested by Fraternity officers, District Directors, or Content Directors. 

Each delegate is encouraged to share their Convention experiences with their chapter or association when they return home.

Delegate Details

Voting delegates are members in good standing. Each is entitled to one vote and must vote in person. Voting delegates are comprised of:

  • Fraternity Council members
  • District Directors
  • Content Directors
  • Chairmen of Standing Committees
  • One delegate from each chapter
  • One delegate in good standing from each alumnae association

Delegates shall remain for the entirety of General Convention and shall be present at all business meetings. In case it becomes impossible for a delegate to do so, an accredited alternate shall take their place.

Chapters may send Advisory Board and/or House Board representatives to Convention. The Fraternity is not responsible for the cost for advisers or House Board members to attend Convention. They will register as a chapter adviser or House Board representative and are not voting delegates.

For delegates attending Convention, the alumnae association President must submit the Delegate Submission Form. More information coming soon.

For delegates attending Convention, the administration officer must complete and submit the Chapter Delegate Election Form in KeyReports. The chapter President must approve the submitted form via KeyReports. More information coming soon.

Parliamentary Procedure Resources

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Proposed Bylaws and Standing Rules

The 2024 General Convention is right around the corner. The proposed amendments to the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules will be considered at Convention. The proposed amendments will be available in March 2024.

There will be a Parliamentary Procedure Process session conducted by the Fraternity Parliamentarian on Friday, June 28, to review the parliamentary process used on the Convention Hall floor. This highly recommended session is an opportunity for delegates to learn more and ask questions about the process.

More Information Coming Soon