Nomination Process

Kappa's leaders have been encouraging and empowering our members since 1870.

There’s no doubt that the strength of our organization is a reflection of their loyalty and leadership over the past 150 years. With the end of the biennium approaching, now is the time to elect new leadership. We’re calling on and encouraging you — our sisters in good standing — to help identify qualified and eligible Kappas to serve as District Directors and Fraternity Council officers.

The Nominating Committee is seeking experienced individuals — women who have the skills and the desire to serve and contribute to the organization — to serve in elected positions.

Positions Elected at Convention

Fraternity Council (President, four Vice Presidents, and Treasurer) and 14 District Directors will be elected at Convention. All elected positions are considered vacant at the end of each biennium.

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Qualifications and Eligibility

Per the Fraternity Bylaws, a member is qualified to be considered for an elected position if she is an alumna member in good standing, meaning she is up to date on dues payments. Members looking to recommend a Kappa for nomination must also be in good standing in order to do so.

A member is eligible for election to a District Director position or to Fraternity Council if she has served Kappa within 10 years prior to election as a member of Fraternity Council, Regional or Province Director, District or Content Director, Content Specialist, chairman or member of a Fraternity standing or special committee, Fraternity Council Assistant, Field Representative, or member of the Foundation Board of Trustees.

If you are unsure if you or another member is qualifed and eligible, you can still proceed with submitting an application and/or submitting a recommendation. Upon receiving an application or recommendation form, Kappa Headquarters will check to confirm qualifications and eligibility. 

Process and Key Dates

Nov. 8 –Jan. 31

  • Once an individual is recommended:
    • Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters will confirm the recommended individual’s eligibility and qualifications as outlined in the Fraternity documents. 
    • If the recommended individual is eligible and qualified AND has not yet submitted an application, then she will be sent an email letting her know she has been recommended. The email will ask her to complete an application if she is  interested in being a nominee and considered for an elected position. The email will also give her the option to decline, thus removing her from the nominating process. 
  • Once an individual completes an application:
    • Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters will confirm the individual’s eligibility and qualifications as outlined in the Fraternity documents. 
    • If the individual is eligible and qualified, then she is now a nominee and will appear on the list of nominees.
    • If an individual is not eligible or qualified, the Nominating Committee Chairman will notify the individual. This individual will now be marked as unable to serve.


  • The list of nominees is finalized. The Nominating Committee Chairman provides the finalized list of nominees and list of those unable to serve and notifies members that the Feedback Form is live and available. The Feedback Form will be live for one month. View a preview of the Feedback Form here.
  • Any Kappa member in good standing may complete the Feedback Form providing additional information on each nominee.


  • The Nominating Committee Chair and Vice Chair will conduct interviews via Zoom with nominees who wish to be considered for Fraternity Council.The interviews will be shared with the Nominating Committee for use during their deliberations.


  • The Nominating Committee meets virtually on a regular basis. 
  • The Nominating Committee will consider a wide variety of information, including applications, feedback form submissions and interviews. 
  • The Nominating Committee develops the slate.
  • The Nominating Committee Chair notifies individuals that they have been selected as a candidate for a position and confirms their consent. She will also call those individuals not slated. 


  • The Nominating Committee Chair and Vice Chair announce the slate on behalf of the Nominating Committee. 


  • The Nominating Committee Chairman presents the slate during a business meeting at Convention. 
  • During that business meeting, nominations from the floor may occur. 
  • The committee members are presented at Convention. 
  • At the close of this business meeting, the ballot is finalized and provided to voting delegates as part of the election process.