put in a good word

Kappa Kappa Gamma sees the potential in all women, uniting them to learn, grow and inspire positive change throughout their lives. Do you know a college-bound woman?
Write a reference and tell us about her! 

As an alumna, when completing a reference for a potential new member, it’s important to remember: 

  •  An introductory reference is just that: an introduction of a potential new member to our active chapter members. Resumes and photos are not submitted through this process as the potential new member submits that when they sign up for Recruitment.
  • Kappa does not accept letters of support. Members should only submit a reference through the online reference system.
  • The submission of a reference does not guarantee an automatic invitation to membership. References are not provided any special advantage to becoming a potential new member. “Courtesy” invitations to any round do not occur and a reference does not guarantee a bid to our organization if the potential new member in question attends a preference round. 
  • Our goal during Recruitment is to bring together individuals who share our values and believe in our mission.
  • Active members shall be responsible for selecting new members of their chapter. Any initiated member may provide information about qualified women. While alumna members do their part by recommending potential new members, we must remember that collegiate Kappas are the ones who make the final selections. The decisions made by our active chapter members throughout the membership selection process will not be changed