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The opportunity to join Kappa's sisterhood doesn't end after college. We offer the connection of membership to women who seek lifelong bonds of support and friendship.

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We're so excited you're interested in joining Kappa. If you're genuine, uplifting and determined to make positive change in your community, we want to meet you!

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To be considered for Alumna Initiation, you must be an alumna of a four-year collegiate institution and not be an initiated member of another National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) organization.

You will need to provide via email:

• A completed application form.
• Two completed reference forms. References must be members of Kappa Kappa Gamma in good standing. At least one must be an alumna member (i.e., someone who is not currently a collegian).
• A completed sponsor commitment form. This Kappa will be your guide throughout the process. This member can be one of your references or another Kappa.
• Your resume.

Once your application materials are received, you will participate in an interview. You will meet (in person or virtually) with Kappa volunteers to provide more information once your application is received. These volunteers will provide a recommendation to Fraternity Council — our organization's governing body — and Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters will notify you of the decision.

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If accepted, the educational period leading up to Initiation begins! You will be provided with human and written resources during this experience to familiarize yourself with Fraternity life and our organizational values. Your sponsor will act as a guide, mentoring you through the educational procedure and preparing you for Initiation.

Kappa volunteers will also be there to facilitate the process and provide additional support for you and your sponsor.

Become an Initiated Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma

Before Initiation, you must fulfill your financial obligations, which include a one-time initiation fee of $175 and the annual per capita fee of $37.

Upon completion of the educational period and fulfillment of financial obligations, you have the option to be initiated at a collegiate chapter of your choosing, with an alumna association, virtually, or potentially at Convention, which occurs during even years.

Can I Apply?

Yes! You must have attended a four-year institution. Examples of members who join as alumna initiates include relatives and friends of Kappas who did not previously have the opportunity to join Kappa. University staff and active people within our communities are also great candidates for Alumna Initiation. Anyone who believes in our ideals of friendship, mutual support and lifelong learning are also encouraged to apply!

As long as you did not initiate into another Greek-letter organization under the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) umbrella, you are eligible to apply for Kappa's Alumna Initiation.

Yes! Kappa does not require graduation as a prerequisite for membership. Alumna initiates are required to have attended a four-year institution, just as is practice for our collegiate members. Candidates for initiation must be at least five years out of college.

No. Currently, the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements specify that members must have attended a four-year institution. In order to remain in compliance with the Unanimous Agreements, Kappa cannot consider women who did not attend four-year colleges or universities.

Yes. We select our alumna initiates based on qualities not listed on a transcript. No need to submit anything related to GPA!

My Chapter Details

If accepted, you may choose to be initiated at a chapter of your choosing. Initiates who do not live close to a chapter or who have no direct connection with a chapter can choose to be initiated virtually, with an alumnae association, or potentially at the next Convention (this location changes every two years).

Yes. If you have a connection with a particular chapter and are willing to provide your own transportation, you may choose the location of your Initiation should an invitation to membership be extended.

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