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Dress to Impress (Your Table That Is)

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By Catherine Roebuck, Social Media and Communications Specialist
We all know how Thanksgiving goes. It’s a stuff-yourself-until-you-burst kind of day, followed immediately by food-induced coma. If you are hosting the festivities this year, wow your guests with some great tablescapes that, with a few changes, could easily stick around through winter.

1. The Naturalist: You love nature. You live for nature. In fact, your home is a shrine to the glories of the earth. Sound like you? Then set up your tablescape to pay homage to your love for the outdoors. Be inspired by this wonderful setup from Country Living. Take a piece of driftwood or old barn wood, and top it with wheat, grapes, gourds and some soy candles (extra points if those are pumpkin scented). Pair with earthenware dishes and you are ready to impress Mother Nature herself.

Ready to winterize your centerpiece? Exchange the wheat for pine tree branches, the grapes for cranberries, and the gourds for pinecones, and sprinkle a little glitter or faux snow over the whole kit and caboodle. Now your table is ready for a winter wonderland!
2. The Non-Conformist: Maybe traditional oranges, reds and browns aren’t your thing. You have a bright, eccentric personality and the muted colors of autumn aren’t going to put a damper on your décor. Try this great tablescape from Dimples and Tangles.

Not even the traditional pinecones are safe in this bright setup. Nix the wheat bundles and replace them with pheasant feathers and bright roses. Instead of a burlap table runner, go bold with hot pink and leopard– the possibilities are endless and can really showcase you and your fabulous self. 

Want to transition this into winter? Add some glitter to the pinecones, change out the pink table runner for a shiny blue, remove the pheasant feathers and replace them with evergreen branches and POOF! Your winter-themed tablescape is a go.

3. The Golden Girl: Keeping your tablescape monochromatic doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Check out this beautiful setting from A Pumpkin and A Princess. Gold is the theme of the day with this one, pairing gold pumpkins and gold dusted pinecones with gilded votives. It’s all grounded with wood slabs and a burlap table runner. The berry branches (also painted gold) twist through the whole design to create an effortless flow. Simple, but definitely a show-stopper.

To morph this into a winterscape, wrap some twinkle lights around the berry branches (we recommend battery operated ones) and change out the pumpkins for hurricane vases filled with cranberries, pine needles, and golden candles. If you want to take it a step further, paint some snowflakes onto the burlap for some added pizazz.
4. The Classicist: There’s no need to overdo it at your gathering. You like things to be traditional, clean, and classic Thanksgiving. And nothing says Thanksgiving like a good cornucopia. This horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, exactly what you plan on delivering to your guests. HomeGoods understands, which is why they bring you this tablescape inspiration. Just because you like things traditional doesn’t mean you don’t have some spunk in you; throwing in some glittery pumpkins is a nice surprise. Fill that horn with more gourds, berries and fall leaves than you know what to do with and people will definitely post that to Instagram.  

Transitioning this layout for winter is a little trickier. So tricky, you may just want to start from scratch after the turkey leftovers are gone. However, you could paint the cornucopia to resemble a certain jolly man’s hat, or change the horn out for a gift box. Switch out the fall leaves for snowflakes, paint the berries red, and replace the gourds with pinecones and pine branches and you’ve got yourself a winter-ready setting fit for a classy gal like you.
5. The Procrastinator: Wait… It’s THANKSGIVING? But we just had it 364 days ago. So, you forgot Thanksgiving was even coming up. It’s okay, you’re definitely not alone. But now the whole family has reminded you that they are coming over in two hours and Halloween decorations still haunt your house. Not to fear, you can still make a great tablescape in a pinch. Try this lovely one from Coordinately Yours. Go outside and snatch some pinecones off a nearby tree (bonus points if you can grab some pine needles too for added oomph) and throw those little oranges you’ve been saving for your children on the table. Throw in some candles and no one will be the wiser, except for your kids when they wonder why you’ve stolen (ahem–borrowed) their little oranges.

In case after that scare you feel the need to be proactive in the winter décor department, you can easily switch this one around. Give your children back their oranges, and swap them for some cranberries or more pinecones. Sprinkle some faux snow over the whole menagerie and you are ready for winter. Of course, you could always wait until the last-minute. You work best under pressure, anyway.
There you have it, five tablescapes that are sure to impress children, in-laws, strangers– even you. Hopefully these have inspired you to knock the socks off of the holiday season, but if not, well, at least they were pretty to look at.
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Posted by Blog Admin at 11/25/2014 11:29:49 AM | 

What a great read, and so many good ideas! I'm inspired to create a gorgeous table!
Posted by: Cindy Stewart ( Email ) at 11/25/2014 6:51 PM

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