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Surviving a New Campus

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By Kristi Norris, Tulsa, 2014–2015 Leadership Consultant

Kristi Norris 
Hey Kappaland! My name is Kristi Norris, and I am a recent graduate from The University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Okla. While at TU, I was the Vice President-Standards for the Delta Pi Chapter, and also served as Nominating Committee Chairman. I wanted to be a Leadership Consultant so I could empower members to make changes in their personal lives and in their Kappa chapters. I also wanted to encourage and build personal relationships with the young women I come in contact with. Because the LC life is an ever-changing one, here are my tips for …
How to Survive on a New Campus Every Week:

1. Find a few girls you know you can count on.
Kristi 1
This will come in handy when you realize you forgot something and need to run to the store, or when your favorite movie just came out in theaters and you really want to go see it! These are girls you can really invest in making a true friendship with. It’s great to be able to count on a couple young women when you need to unwind, and they’ll appreciate the extra effort you put in to get to know them.
2. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection wherever you're staying.
Kristi 2
Get the password if necessary. This is crucial for paperwork and emails!
3. Make sure to get the phone numbers for each woman you'll be meeting with, whether for an officer meeting, lunch or coffee.

Kristi 3
Download or print your schedule, as well. This way you can make sure to have phone numbers next to the meeting times and pencil in any adjustments as the week goes on.
4. Make changes to your schedule if something is off.

Kristi 4
If you need your sleep and you are scheduled at 7:30 am and 10 pm with nothing in between, ask the officers to move things around. Establish that while you're here to work, you're also here to explore and make relationships. Make sure the chapter knows your boundaries, but that it’s okay for them to contact you if they need you. But remember to be flexible! No schedule is going to be perfect, and the women are very busy—it’s possible you’ll have to suffer through a few really long days to fit everyone in around classes, on-campus activities, and any events they have that week.
5. Make a short list of the places you'd like to see on campus and in the city you're visiting.

Kristi 5 
Maybe there's a pretty library or a historical marker nearby; it’s fun to see the sights of the different cities you visit. If you'll be taking any days off during the week, make sure to start your plan of what you'll do and how you’ll get there. This is especially important if you’re leaving the city you’re staying in.
6. Download or take a screenshot of the campus map onto your phone.

Kristi 6

Make sure you figure out where all your meetings are, how to get there, and ask any questions necessary to fill in the gaps.
7. Determine if there are any errands you need to run that week.
Kristi 7

Such as mail credit card receipts, purchase deodorant, or buy a new pair of shoes. Then schedule it in!
8. Locate the nearest Target and/or convenience store.
Kristi 8
Determine if it's within walking distance. If not, make sure you have one of your new friends lined up to take you.
9. Find the best coffee shop on campus.

Kristi 9
Those infinite officer meetings will feel even more infinite with no caffeine.

10. Determine where your spot will be.
Kristi 10
This counts for meetings and where you're going to spend downtime. It’s nice to find one or two places you are really comfortable utilizing—one that’s more private for officer meetings, and one in a fun, public place.
11. And finally, learn to expect the unexpected!

Kristi 11
No matter how many schools you visit, there is always an adjustment period. It’s important to learn to deal with the constant change and to accept the unknown. It always works out, and with deep breaths, you can make it through anything.

Editor’s Note: The Leadership Consultant application is now available. Deadline to apply is December 1. Visit the Our Team  page to learn more about the position and apply today!

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