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Dipping Sisterhood in Platinum

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For the women of Delta Sigma Chapter, Oklahoma State, there is a ring that bears as much significance as a wedding ring. The beautiful twisted dome ring by James Avery is meant to represent two parallel lives, and is traditionally given from one person to another to symbolize their special bond of friendship. The tradition for Delta Sigma began in 2006 with a fellow sister, Margaux Dill Lippoldt.

Margaux’s mother, Debbie Dill, came home one day with the twisted dome ring she had fallen in love with. Debbie wore the ring constantly and was always admiring it, eventually having it dipped in platinum.

The Ring
During Margaux’s junior year in college, she found out her mother’s cancer was no longer in remission. Knowing that she didn’t have long, Debbie decided to do something special for those she cared for most. She could think of nothing more meaningful than giving them each the same ring that she loved so much.

By that time, Avery had discontinued the ring. Margaux and her family went to the store and bought all the remaining rings, and even called stores around the state to locate additional rings. Unfortunately, Debbie passed away with names still left on her list.

In an attempt to fulfill his wife’s dying wish, Margaux’s father wrote to Avery, begging him to not discontinue the ring. He shared the story of his wife and what the ring had meant to her. Two weeks later, Avery agreed to put the ring back into full production, naming it the "Sisterhood Ring.”

Margaux’s Kappa sisters loved what the ring stood for and many purchased the ring to show support for their sister during this tragedy. “The Kappa house was a huge blessing,” Margaux said. “I felt so supported.”

For the chapter, the ring has become a unique tradition that personifies what being a Kappa is all about: sisterhood and loyalty. “Chapter women today still purchase the rings,” says Zoe Duvall, Oklahoma State. “Sometimes it is a gift from a big to a little, and sometimes girls will purchase the rings individually.”

Though the officers have never shared the story with the new members, it doesn’t take long for the new members to notice that each of their future sisters wears the ring. “The new members usually initiate the conversation,” says Zoe. “They notice how the entire chapter has the same ring, and once they hear the story, they want to continue the tradition.”

Girls with Ring

The new members aren’t the only ones to notice the ring and the bond it has created between the sisters. Many on campus recognize the ring and consider it a symbol for the chapter. “Wearing the ring feels like wearing our letters,” says Zoe. “It’s a public display of Kappa and identifies us as one.”

For Delta Sigma, the tradition will carry on as long as the bond of sisterhood remains.
The ring will continue to embody the legacy and commitment to sustaining sisters like Margaux in both bad times and good.  “To our chapter, the ring is a way to make us all feel bound together,” says Zoe. “It's something we all share that represents our sisterhood.”

The image of the "Sisterhood Ring" is courtesy of the James Avery website.

Posted by Blog Admin at 02/11/2014 02:48:26 PM | 

Thank you for sharing. There are many great people in the world. Margaux's mother was one of them. Our family believes in giving back. We did that. Blessings and Grace!

Margaux's Dad
Posted by: Bruce Dill ( Email | Visit ) at 12/16/2013 9:44 PM

I am blessed to be a part of the pledge class of '96 from Delta Sigma KKG. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with a cancer called Multiple Myeloma. So many of my FANTASTIC sisters gifted me with this ring. It is a symbol of hope and love that I will proudly wear during chemo and stem cell transplants that begin in 2 weeks. Love my sisters, and love KKG!
Posted by: Stephanie Newby Holmberg ( Email | Visit ) at 1/25/2014 6:08 PM

I cry every time I read this article! I am so thankful to be a Delta Sigma!

Addison L Murray
Delta Sigma PC'14
Posted by: Addison L Murray ( Email ) at 12/16/2016 11:39 PM

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