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Guest Blogger Mary Belvin, Field Representative Chairman, Tennessee

We would love for you—our awesome graduating seniors—to apply for a Field Representative position. You would be an asset to the team. We are looking for women like you … who think on their feet … who take a common-sense approach and apply it to improving chapter function.  You don’t have to be the most involved member of your chapter. Maybe you’re involved in other organizations on campus or have “real-world” work experience dealing with all types of people. Chapter Council experience is important, but position is not.  All you need to understand about Kappa is how it runs as an organization.
We often hear women claim that they are interested in a Field Rep position, but worry that postponing their long-term job search or taking a year off from a “real job” will hurt their career. Being a Field Rep is a real job. It’s a salaried position, no different than going to work for any company as a consultant. National retail stores hire consultants to visit their franchise stores and ensure they are following company policy, keeping finances current, following risk-management policies and keeping employee satisfaction high, all while maintaining expense reports, travel reservations and housing arrangements. Kappa’s Field Rep positions are no different.

After a year of working as a Field Rep, you’ll have a wonderful addition to your résumé. Field Reps are flexible, have wonderful public speaking skills, serve in management roles and know how to maintain current reporting and documentation.

Kappa wants you: the nursing major, the business major, the education major, the PR major—any dedicated member with leadership experience. We are looking for the women who perhaps could make a one-year commitment between undergrad and medical school, law school, PT school, or graduate school.

Kappa wants you! Apply to be a Field Representative by November 1.  Questions? Contact Headquarters at kkghq@kkg.org or 866-554-1870.

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