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10 More Reasons to Go Kappa


Find your home sweet home in Kappa, where the skies are blue, the memories are sweet and the bond of sisterhood lasts forever.

1. You'll make lifelong friends.

"I went Kappa because I knew it would be the one place that I could find a genuine connection. Throughout Recruitment, I knew that Kappa was the place where I could make lifelong friends.” – Libbie Wiltshire, Richmond

Libbie Wiltshire, Richmond

2. You’ll constantly be cheered on by your biggest supporters.

“I went Kappa and found a best friend and big all in one. She understands me like no other and is truly one of my biggest supporters. She makes being 3,000 miles away from home so much more bearable, and I’m thankful for her today and always.” – Tatiana Haynes, Chapman

Tatiana Haynes, Chapman

3. You’ll try new things with new friends. 

“The last three years, I have made some of my best college friends in Kappa and had so many opportunities to grow. I am going to miss my dear Kappa days.” – Callen Seitz, Georgia Southern

Callen Seitz, Georgia Southern

4. You’ll discover the importance of becoming a mental health advocate.

“When I walked into the Kappa house, I knew it was my home. The philanthropy was so important to me and all the girls were so welcoming. Now that I’m in Kappa, I know I made the right choice.” – Ava Leonard, Colorado

Ava Leonard, Colorado

5. You’ll be empowered to blaze your own trail.

"I wanted to join a sorority to get more involved on campus and after talking to the girls in Kappa, I knew that was the best decision for me. Joining Kappa has benefited me in more ways than I could ever imagine.” – Amanda Chevalier, Arizona State

Amanda Chevalier, Arizona State

6. You’ll be encouraged to pursue your potential. 

“I felt like this chapter would be the best fit for me and help me grow as a person. I never had sisters growing up and was lucky enough to have found Kappa.” – Victoria Darcourt, UC Riverside

Victoria Darcourt, UC Riverside

7. You’ll live authentically. 

“I went Kappa because, during Recruitment, I instantly felt connected to the women in the house. Throughout the process, I saw the type of woman I aspired to be. The values of Kappa align with who I am and am growing to be. Kappa pushes me to be my best self and holds me accountable to live my most authentic life.” – Olivia Bryan, Arizona

Olivia Bryan, Arizona

8. You’ll find a place to let your quirks shine.

“I went Kappa because of the diverse personalities and how down-to-earth all of the girls were. I felt safe, welcome and encouraged to be my true self, quirks and all! I never felt like I had to put on a facade for anyone or fit into a certain mold because at Kappa, you feel at home no matter if you’re a brand new freshman or graduating senior.” – Annalise Mitchell, Idaho

Annalise Mitchell, Idaho

9. You’ll discover new passions and ways to give back.

“Through Kappa, I have met so many people who I look up to. Everyone is so kind and immediately made me feel like a valued member of the community, and I continue to find more reasons why I love Kappa, whether it be the people, activities or philanthropy.” – Annie Radin, Johns Hopkins

Annie Radin, Johns Hopkins

10. You’ll find your people. 

“Each girl pushes me to be a better version of myself and I have no clue where I would be without this amazing sisterhood!” – Jamie Guszak, Nebraska

Jamie Guszak, Nebraska
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