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10 Reasons to Go Kappa


Kappa’s it. It’s where you’ll learn to dream boldly and live fully, find a home base and where you’ll become exactly who you were meant to be.

1. You’ll connect with genuine women.

“During Recruitment … no one was putting on a show, they were being the most authentic and genuine versions of themselves and that’s when I knew I wanted to go Kappa. Kappa is a place where I can be myself and am surrounded by the most uplifting people.” – Maggie Hunter, LSU

Maggie Hunter, LSU

2. You’ll find a home away from home.

“I chose Kappa because I can strongly say it’s my home away from home. I have never felt so welcomed by so many girls. Every time I stepped foot in the house during Recruitment, I felt welcomed and comfortable. I know I can go to any one of these girls for anything just as they can come to me. These girls are my family.” – Lily Leifsen, Washington State

Lily Leifsen, Washington State

3. You’ll be surrounded by diverse women with different personalities, outlooks and beliefs.

“I love Kappa because everyone is truly their own fun, unique and outgoing selves.” – Michelle Tetro, Durham

Michelle Tetro, Durham

4. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

“Immediately entering the house, I was welcomed by girls who were eager to get to know me. Kappa has made me feel comfortable, encouraged, valued and loved. These are the reasons I love Kappa and all it has to offer.” – Ellie Brown, Alabama

Ellie Brown, Alabama

5. It’s where you’ll find your best friends and maybe even your future bridesmaids.

“I went Kappa because, during Recruitment, I was met with nothing but positivity and kindness. The comfortability and kindness I felt during every round made me sure that Kappa was where I was going to meet my best friends for life and that’s exactly what happened!” – Alaina Scholhamer, Washington

Alaina Scholhamer, Washington

6. You’ll be encouraged to become the best version of yourself.

“Kappas sincerely celebrate and encourage each other to be the best version of themselves and embody the true spirit of sisterhood!” – Zoe Groh, Yale

Zoe Groh, Yale

7. You’ll be surrounded by inspiring women.

“I went Kappa because I wanted a place where I could connect with girls that inspire me. Every day, I meet someone new and am blown away by their passions and outlook on life. I feel like everyone wants to help each other succeed, and it’s amazing to watch everyone grow together.” – Ashley Whalen, USC (Calif.)

Ashley Whalen, USC (Calif.)

8. You’ll grow as an individual and learn to lead the way.

“Since joining Kappa, my confidence and leadership abilities have flourished. I progressed from a small assistant role to our chapter President in three years, thanks to the number of leadership opportunities we have and the support of our chapter members. From big to small, Kappa offers many ways to give back to the chapter and the community, with a large range of roles to fit everyone’s interests and values!” – Lauren Jones, British Columbia

Lauren Jones, British Columbia

9. You’ll discover new ways to get involved on campus and in your community.

“Joining Kappa transformed my college experience. I’ve met so many awesome girls that inspire me to be better every day. Kappa has also helped me get involved in my campus and community!” – Faith Walter, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Faith Walter, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

10. You’ll learn to live fully in the service of others.

“Not only has Kappa given me a sisterhood but has also encouraged me to be more involved within the Knoxville community through our philanthropies, service opportunities and involvement on campus.” – Madelyn Simcoe, Tennessee

Madelyn Simcoe, Tennessee
dream boldly. live fully.

Go Kappa

Our members dream boldly and live fully as they carve their own paths in the world around them. In Kappa, you’ll find a lifelong network of loyal women who can’t wait to meet you! 

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