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Healthy Gut, Happy Girl


What you’re putting in your body matters. When it comes to college students, it’s a lot of greasy fast foods and late-night slices of pizza. We’ve all been there, right? 

Jennifer “Jenny”Meyers, Penn State, wanted to join in that college right of passage, but, she was battling severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), meaning those craveable late-night slices could land her a trip to the hospital. Using her IBS experience as a source of inspiration, Jenny is now helping others fuel themselves with real, healthy ingredients.

When she got to Penn State, Jenny refused to let her diet restrictions hold her back and was determined to get the most out of her college experience. She became involved in countless clubs and organizations on campus, including Kappa Kappa Gamma and Valley Magazine, Penn State’s student-run life and style magazine.

Valley is where Jenny’s journey with healthy food took off. She began crafting recipes for the health and wellness column. Jenny says she would spend hours at Wegman’s, exploring new ingredients and reading all the nutritional labels. Thanks to Amazon, she was also able to start ordering various nut butters, buckwheat and more unique ingredients for her recipes. “My roommates were like ‘what are you doing?’ because I would be creating every day, taking pictures, making every meal, every snack,” says Jenny. “It was so much fun.” 

Years later — combining her IBS journey, her health and wellness experience, and her passion for creating — Jenny launched Earth Sugar. This superfood confectionary specializes in raw and organic desserts, energetic snacks, and clean-label confections.

Jennifer Meyers, Penn State, Earth Sugar
Earth Sugar makes being healthy fun!

“My goal was to have the products be actually delicious, instead of them being fake good,” says Jenny in an interview with Onward State. She’s trying to make being healthy, fun. Based in Phoenix, Earth Sugar is garnering attention and inspiring others to do desserts differently.

Her advice to other entrepreneurial minds out there? Take the leap of faith and go all in. 

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