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Emily's Story


Emily sounds bubbly. It’s no surprise she was the recruitment chair for her chapter when she was in college. But being bubbly and upbeat has not negated the mental health challenges she’s faced after graduating. Almost a decade later and through much self-work, Emily has learned to recognize when stress and anxiety start to build tension in her body: Her shoulders feel like they’re by her ears. Her chest feels tight. For Emily, these physical manifestations may mean a more serious mental health episode is looming. 

For the past seven years, Emily has managed her mental health through a combination of talk therapy and medications. And those helped, but at age 27 Emily was dealing with several life changes, didn’t live near her family support system and was battling loneliness, depression, and anxiety. She had started and stopped therapy many times. She knew she needed more comprehensive treatment, but in-patient services are lacking in the U.S. and expensive. “The way I was living is no way to live,” Emily says, “but I didn’t have the resources.” 

Determined to find the care she needed, Emily began searching for treatment options and for grants that would cover or defray the cost of treatment. Providers that offer both group and individual therapy can be difficult to find. “I wanted to get someplace where I could really learn the skills,” she says. 


The way I was living is no way to live, but I didn’t have the resources.

- Emily, Rose McGill Confidential Aid recipient

Emily remembered from her undergraduate years that Rose McGill financial assistance had been available for Kappas facing overwhelming circumstances. After finding the right facility, getting time off from her employer who has been supportive, and receiving a Rose McGill Grant, Emily says she is so grateful for the help and support. The tools she learned in treatment are also relevant to her career in human resources, where she uses her empathy and skills to support others. 

When Emily thinks back about her journey, she says Kappa’s commitment to support mental health and well-being was “serendipitous timing.”


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