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Connection, Knowledge, Optimism, Respect, Trailblazing, Truth

Embodying Kappa’s Values


Members of Lambda Chapter, Akron, took to social media to share what Kappa’s values mean to them. 


Kappas lead with optimism every day. With an eye for imagining the best possibilities, our members bring out the best in the world, see the greatness in one another, and strive to create positive change around them. 

Risk Management Chairman, Rachel Jessberger, Akron, shared what our value of optimism means to her: “To me, optimism means always being grateful for what you have and always believing that the best thing will happen in the end.”


Our sisters rise to the occasion together. They trust their instincts and draw strength from each other to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. 

To Membership Chairman Diana Haas, Akron, trailblazing means, “You can set a path for the future. Paving the road ahead can be hard, but with the help of my sisters, I know I can step forward and try things I've never tried before, and do things for others that have never been done before.”


Our Kappas champion education, mentor each other, and put their knowledge and wisdom into action.

Collegiate member Haley Derringer, Akron, said, “To me, knowledge is being able to learn and share information and my own educated thoughts with others. Knowledge allows me to help others and better myself!”


By connecting with others, our members amplify their individual talents, transforming them into a lasting and unified impact. 

Collegiate  member Libby Bueschen, Akron, said, “Kappa's value of connection means so much to me and is possibly my favorite value. As a member of Kappa, I am able to connect with other members to do a number of things — whether that’s volunteering or preparing for a Kappa event. Kappa has given me connections that I will use for the rest of my life.”


Kappas stay true by seeking genuine and long-lasting relationships built on a foundation of honesty, trust and loyalty.

Sharing what our value of truth means to her, New Member and Education Chairman, Sam Bovee, Akron, says:, “What our value of truth means to me is knowing and expressing the genuine you. Keeping that truth is the key to true authentic sisterhood.”


Kappas respect and embrace differences. They see the good and beauty in everyone and celebrate how it comes in many unique and valuable forms. 

To collegiate member Allie Monyak, Akron, our value of respect means, “Every individual is treated in the same manner. It also means I can go into any Kappa event and be treated fairly and my voice and opinions are respected. Also that we respect everyone for who they are even when our opinions are different from each other. Our value of respect helps us build a better and stronger sisterhood.”




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