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See what business-owner Alex Young, South Carolina, has to say about entrepreneurship, her greatest career lessons along the way, and advice for future Kappas looking to launch their own business. 

Alex Young started her business with one goal in mind: Help other working women find alignment at the intersection of work and wellness. 

She concentrates on coaching individuals and teams as well as designing and delivering professional development programs. Additionally, she strives to create a place where women can build meaningful connections, foster conversation and pursue intentionality.

See what she has to say about entrepreneurship and her advice for pursuing your passion.

What’s the greatest career lesson you’ve learned? I've hesitated on making important career decisions because I was worried about what other people would think of me. In reality, it's more important to be true to me and make decisions that are in alignment with my values and purpose. 

What advice do you have regarding being adaptable and able to pivot? Embrace the pivot. My career hasn't been a straight ladder to the top or even a direct path to being a business owner. There is always something to learn at each stage that you can use to keep moving forward.

What advice do you have regarding taking professional risks? Trust your intuition, listen to your gut, and develop a sounding board of people you trust who can provide guidance along the way.

How has Kappa supported you or impacted you in your entrepreneurial journey? Kappa has been with me every step of the way. My first job after college was as a Leadership Consultant and I fell in love with coaching and professional development. I always say it was my dream job that only lasted a year. Over a decade later and after many lessons learned, I've finally made my way back to doing that important work of helping leaders and business owners grow and develop themselves and their teams.

What advice do you have for other Kappas who are thinking about or have just started their own business? If you have a spark in your heart to do it, you owe it to yourself and others to explore your idea. And if you've just started, the hardest part — just taking the leap — is over. Now, the fun really begins! 

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