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Helping Others Achieve Balance and Wellness in Business and Life


Through her work, Leanne Matullo, Pittsburgh, is helping women achieve awareness of mind, body and soul with balance at each layer.

Leanne can’t be placed neatly into one box. She’s a women's health mentor, yoga therapist, birth doula, consultant, and creative entrepreneur. Through her business, she offers mentorships and experiences to improve the perinatal outcomes for women and their babies and teaches awareness of the mind, body and soul to achieve balance at each layer.

Throughout her entrepreneurial experience, Leanne has partnered with established institutions — including the Seattle NICU, the University of Washington, Expectful, Inc., Yoga Girl, Motherly, Foster Forward, Kappa Kappa Gamma and more — on consulting work, strategy creation and writing. 

See what she’s learned along the way as a business owner and the advice she gives others when it comes to taking professional risks. 

What’s the greatest career lesson you’ve learned? To fully step into my self-worth and to remember the value of the knowledge, experience and uniqueness I bring to my work. It's easy to compare ourselves to what others are doing in similar markets and industries. That can be a trap when it comes to putting together your services, pricing and branding. The biggest learning lesson for me has been to create services and offerings for my clients that also light me up and to set my pricing so that my business can flourish. Comparing yourself to what others are doing is a race to the bottom. Stay in your own lane, listen to that internal wisdom, show up in service and charge your worth. Always.

What advice do you have for other Kappas who are thinking about or have just started their own business? As you start your own business, recognize that your business is not going to stay the same over time. It will change just as we as individuals change. Embrace pivoting. Embrace the unknown. We don't get into business because we can predict and control outcomes. We do it because we feel a deep calling to serve and to create lifestyles that work for ourselves and our families. I have built a business, then sold it, started a new one and completely pivoted in the last year as a yoga therapist and women's health mentor because I'm continuing to refine my work and also continuing to recognize gaps in the marketplace. Just remember to allow yourself to keep evolving.

How has Kappa supported you or impacted you in your entrepreneurial journey? Kappa offered me confidence and instilled curiosity, kindness and the power of intergenerational friendship. I was a first-generation college graduate and it was a bit scary going to college with no idea what to expect! However, as a collegian, Kappa gave me space to grow into my leadership skills, to learn to use my voice, and to feel true support from a real community. As an alumna, I have served Kappa in many volunteer roles, worked as a Leadership Consultant and volunteered for the Kappa Foundation, too! They say that who you surround yourself with matters as you grow in life and business, and I have been surrounded by women who celebrate, challenge and support each other's growth. Kappa has also hired me to share my yoga therapy work with our membership, which I am deeply grateful for.

What advice do you have regarding taking professional risks? Part of becoming a small-business owner and an entrepreneur is taking risks. That's what sets us apart. From a yoga therapy perspective, taking healthy risks is a sign of a stable nervous system. So, ground your body. Take a walk in nature, do a yoga practice, breathe deeply, climb a rock wall. Do whatever you can to get into your body and experience peace as you consider taking a risk. It may sound cliché, but our hearts carry so much wisdom. When we can get out of our thinking minds, we can listen to the pull of our hearts and we can trust the risks we're about to take. 

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