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With Rachael Carrington, Colorado, making big moves is just a click away. Through the Carrington Collective, Rachael develops and provides professional development and financial literacy workshops for Panhellenic associations. Her mission is to educate college women on how to take control of their finances and present themselves in the best possible way in job applications and interviews. 

Discover Rachael’s takeaways as an entrepreneur and her advice for anyone looking to launch their own business. 

What’s the greatest career lesson you’ve learned? How important it is to take criticism! As a people-pleaser, I have always tended to shy away from getting feedback, especially when it’s constructive criticism. However, what I learned is that criticism isn’t meant as a personal attack but a constructive way to make your company and your product or service more valuable. Had I not received some harsh criticism when I first started, I wouldn’t have altered my workshop and received all the positive feedback regarding the changes as a result.

How has Kappa supported you or impacted you in your entrepreneurial journey? My company sincerely would not exist without Kappa! My idea was sparked as I was chatting with my sisters about what lessons we would really value and pay attention to in programming, and I really did tailor my entire workshop around that idea. Additionally, my chapter (Beta Mu Chapter, Colorado) took a chance on me and let me demo my workshop on them prior to launching, which gave me a chance to get feedback from women I trusted.

What advice do you have for other Kappas who are thinking about or have just started their own business? I can’t remember where I heard this advice first, but I sincerely try to live my life and run my business based around it: Let someone else be the one to say no. Reach out to anyone and everyone who has something to gain from your service or product, and really aim to connect with those you look up to and aspire to be like. They have been in your shoes and have priceless advice and experience you can’t get anywhere else and you never know what connections it could spark.

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