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Career Academy: A Step Forward


When we think of 2020–21, the word that comes to mind is unprecedented. While we all experienced things we never could have anticipated, we also adapted in amazing ways that deserve to be recognized. 

Throughout the year, we saw a trend of women forced to adapt. We blended work and home lives more than ever before. At one end of the dining room table, mom conducted a Zoom meeting while keeping an eye on the virtual learning at the other end. She balanced kids’ nap times and spreadsheets all while trying to plan dinner. While women managed more roles than ever, they also lost more jobs. The jobs lost during the pandemic were predominantly held by women, resulting in what has been called a “She-Cession.”

Career Academy courses are available to members in Minerva, Kappa's learning management tool.

And we heard from many members who had either lost their jobs or were trying to navigate job insecurity. Recognizing these challenges, Kappa was determined to help. Thanks to a generous lead gift from Kim Mahan Mirabelli, Villanova, and other donors, a series was developed to help women advance in their careers. Career Academy delivers professional development through shared stories and advice from fellow Kappas. Panelists share insights into their career successes, obstacles faced along the way, and valuable tips and tricks for navigating one’s career journey.


It was great to be able to provide knowledge that could possibly assist, encourage, or even change the career path of Kappa women watching.

- Aimee Vaughn, Bowling Green

Erin Fischer, CEO of the Leadership and Training Studio, hosted the series of live panel discussions and podcasts. Kappa experts offered advice on taking professional risks, being adaptable and pivoting, staying in your current role and advocating for yourself, returning to the workforce after time away, and negotiating.

Aimee Vaughan, Bowling Green, works in recruiting at Hulu and participated in Career Academy as a panelist. ”It was great to be able to provide knowledge that could possibly assist, encourage, or even change the career path of Kappa women watching.”

Career Academy has been a bit hit with over 90,000 views. “This entire series has been amazing and empowering! Thank you for all of your time and insights ... so valuable!” says Tracy Nadzieja, Arizona State. If you missed it, no worries. It is recorded for viewing at any time. Visit Minerva, Kappa’s learning management tool, on the Kappa website and find the resources in the Career Academy folder. This fall, keep an eye out for the second Career Academy series focused on entrepreneurship.