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Lead with integrity and passion.

Throughout your lifetime of membership in Kappa Kappa Gamma, you will be known as a leader in your chapter, on your campus and in your community. The lead section of Kappa Edge will help guide you on that journey. Our lead learning path provides access to the tools and skills you need to take on leadership roles, enact strategic decisions, make your voice heard, conduct social justice advocacy, lead philanthropic initiatives, advance your career and chart a personal course to lead your best life.

Lead is represented by round stones that stack on top of one another.

Kappa offers you training tools and educational opportunities at every step of your membership journey and supports any bold dream you may have—from campus opportunities to chapter positions, philanthropic initiatives, social justice advocacy, business startups, and beyond. If you can dream it, Kappa can help take you there.

Of course, achievement is important, but connection to your sisters is what makes your membership in Kappa meaningful and unique. Across your lifetime, you will form some of your deepest and most significant relationships with the women you meet in Kappa. With chapters across the United States and Canada—and more than 250 alumnae associations throughout the world—you’ll make Kappa connections wherever life takes you. You’ll find supportive shoulders to lean on in times of struggle and a cheering section to bolster you in times of celebration.

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