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Growth implies curiosity.

Kappas like you are engaged in exploration, self-improvement, and supporting others who are on their own personal development journeys. The grow section of the Kappa Edge program offers a place to safely explore these aspects of your development.


Grow is represented by curved leaves that emerge from or point to a common starting point.

Our Founders made academic achievement a priority to prove to the world that women deserve higher education. Strong advocates for a woman’s right to an education, they chose a golden key as the first symbol of Kappa Kappa Gamma—a key that could unlock “the hidden mysteries in Science, Literature and Art” that had been denied to women of the time.

As a Kappa, you are part of that tradition. You have earned a place at your college or university, and your diligence in your studies contributes to the academic success of your chapter. Throughout your collegiate career, you’ll have access to academic programming, resources and support, helping you achieve your academic goals and nurture your development as a lifelong learner.

Beyond academics, you’ll be asked to contribute to society and make a difference in your community. Whether supporting a campus philanthropic project, the Kappa Foundation, or a cause close to your heart, Kappa supports you in finding your passion for giving back. Your chapter’s philanthropy officer will plan service activities and find opportunities to contribute to the greater good.

Our shared ritual is what binds us together as Kappas. It’s the very foundation of what we do and what we expect of our members. As you learn and begin to internalize Kappa’s ritual and heritage, your understanding of the values and the principles on which our organization was founded will take on a new and deeper meaning.

Our Founders were young women—and although they lived in a different time, they weren’t all that different from you. They were not afraid to push the boundaries of society’s expectations. They were not concerned with the status quo. Model your behavior after them. Be bold like they were—as you encourage yourself and others to grow, develop, reflect, explore, learn something new, and pursue excellence.

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