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Andrea Venditti Kline’s Story


A “feeling of panic” is the way Andrea Venditti Kline, Purdue, described the moment she realized that she and her husband, Clayton, both dentists, had to temporarily shut down their dental practices as ordered by the state of Ohio because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrea and Clayton met in dental school at the Ohio State University, married, had two children and settled in Celina, Ohio, where Clayton opened a private dental practice. Andrea found work as a dentist, too, in a separate practice that provides dental care for mostly Medicaid-funded patients, a calling she says fits with her love for working with people.

When the Klines had to stop working, their dental school loans were not deferrable. The couple was also responsible for the loan used to start Clayton’s private practice and the banks were not helpful. “As two dentists, you aren’t thinking anyone will want to help,” Andrea says. They looked at everything they could possibly defer or stop paying. They dipped into the savings they had set aside for their children’s education.

With nowhere to turn, Andrea applied for a Rose McGill emergency grant. She wasn’t sure what to expect, but a grant came quickly from the Kappa Foundation. The grant enabled Andrea to bridge the gap until they were able to slowly start reopening their respective dental practices. There were still challenges, like securing enough personal protective equipment, and physical distancing means seeing fewer patients, but Andrea says she is hopeful.

Like many people, Andrea takes it one day at a time. The Rose McGill Grant represents more than a financial life raft. “Not only do the grants provide much-needed financial assistance, but they also provide clarity. They opened our eyes and allowed us to see the good in all of this chaos and worry. You have lifted our spirits. This sisterhood is very real, and I am very proud to be a part of it,” Andrea says.

With the continued support and generosity of members like you, the Kappa Foundation is able to help our members during these trying times. If you are in a position to give, consider the Kappa Foundation. Your gift will make an immediate impact on a sister’s life. And if you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to apply for a grant. 

Rose McGill, Toronto, embodied the best of our Kappa sisterhood. It’s sisters, whom you may never have met, who stand by your side. While these are extraordinary times, it is heartwarming to see Kappas staying true — creating connections and holding up the bonds of sisterhood around the world.