Kappa's Nomination and Election Process Frequently Asked Questions

Who serves on the Nominating Committee?
The Nominating Committee Chair and Vice Chair, both of whom are appointed by Fraternity Council, serve as nonvoting members of the committee. The voting members consist of seven alumnae association delegates and seven chapter delegates, representing the 14 districts. These delegates are selected by a random drawing.

How does the committee receive the names of those Kappas who wish to be considered?
The Nominating Committee relies on our membership for input. Any member who meets the qualification and eligibility requirements may complete an application for either District Director and/or Fraternity Council. Members in good standing may also recommend a qualified and eligible individual by completing the Recommendation Form. Applications and Recommendation Forms must be submitted by Monday, Jan. 31, 2022.

Are current officers re-slated automatically?
No. All elected positions are considered vacant with the conclusion of the biennium. 

May I submit my own name for consideration?
Yes. Potential candidates should complete an application no later than Monday, Jan. 31, 2022. This form is automatically sent to the Nominating Committee Chairman.

Do I need to fill both applications if I am interested in serving as a District Director and as a Fraternity Council member?
No. Please complete either application and follow the instructions on the form to express interest in more than one role.

How do I best communicate my thoughts about an individual being considered for a position?
In February, the list of nominees will be published. At that time, you may complete the Feedback Form. The feedback form will ask you questions regarding a nominee’s leadership skills, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. Specific examples of your interaction with a nominee will be helpful to the committee. The form is automatically sent to the Nominating Committee Chairman.

Who will see my comments?
Completed Feedback Forms are kept confidential among the Nominating Committee. Only the Nominating Committee Chair and Vice Chair will see the name of the individual submitting the form. Your name will be removed prior to sharing the feedback with the rest of the committee.

Will my views be considered? Will they carry any weight?
The feedback submitted to the committee is given careful consideration. This information is extremely important to the overall process because you are the one who has worked closely with the individuals being considered.

Will it help if I campaign for a particular individual?
No, and campaigning is highly discouraged. The Nominating Committee gives careful consideration to information received regarding each candidate. The Nominating Committee’s focus is on matching candidates’ talents to the position requirements to ensure effectiveness and success in each role.

Can I send completed forms to Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters through the mail?
We are asking that members make every attempt to complete all forms involved in the nomination process online. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Kappa Headquarters at 866-KKG-1870 for assistance.