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Career Academy 2023: How to Move From Side Hustle to Full-Time Business Owner


For many small-business owners, there’s a “messy middle” phase. It’s when you may have lovingly dubbed your business a side hustle — perhaps for months or years — but you dream of making it your full-time gig.

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In this panel discussion, you'll meet business owners who took the leap.

What We’ll Discuss

  • How to know when it’s time to go all in on your business.
  • The risks you may need to take.
  • How to grow a team and build a support system.
  • How to invest in your business.

Meet the Panelists

katie minister

Katie Minister, Zeta Upsilon, has a loyal and long-standing relationship with the pool. She started competitive swimming at age eight. This led to friendships and confidence as a high school and collegiate athlete. Fast forward through marriage, coaching water sports, careers in technology and digital marketing, and raising four busy kids. Katie took hold of an opportunity to capitalize on the shared experiences of aquatic athletes. Alongside her husband, she co-founded Chlorine Deckwear, a custom clothing company for team spirit wear for the pool deck. Her advice? Focus on progress over perfection, don't overthink, and listen to feedback when it’s time to change direction.

mindy fetzer

Mindy FetzerAkron, is a Los Angeles-based life coach, movement instructor and leadership facilitator. Mindy’s career spans various creative industries — from producing fashion week events to creating partnerships with thought leaders in the wellness industry. Throughout her experiences, Mindy has always listened to her curious mind and adventurous spirit. More importantly, she says she learned to fail fast and embrace the messiness of change. Mindy now supports creative entrepreneurs, founders and teams through the intersection of mindset work, yogic philosophy and practice, and meditation. She focuses on the collision of emotional resiliency, discovery of values, alignment to vision and goals, and creative problem-solving.

caitlin picou

After graduating college, Caitlin PicouLSU, discovered her love of product development in the beauty industry. After developing products for Bed Head, she relocated to New York City to work in brand development for Suave Professionals. Taking all of her learnings from the industry, Caitlin created her own beauty brand, Kismet, in 2013. Kismet has been featured in national magazines, subscription bags and CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer. Kismet was also named one of LSU’s top 100 fastest-growing businesses in 2019. Caitlin is the beauty editor for Edge of the Lake Magazine, keeping the Northshore up to date with the latest hair, makeup and skincare trends.

Meet the Moderators

alex young

Alex is a leadership coach and professional development facilitator who has more than 14 years of experience working with organizations to develop both individuals and teams. Alex empowers leaders to grow while focusing on leading from the heart and engaging their teams. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, two boys, and their big Mack: a 2-year-old, 115-pound newfypoo (Newfoundland poodle mix). Alex is a lifelong learner who often has her nose in a book or her hands in the dirt in her garden. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or TikTok.

Alex Young headshot
Leanne Matullo
leanne matullo

Leanne Matullo, Pittsburgh, is a perinatal yoga therapist, women’s health mentor, birth doula and creative entrepreneur. She seeks to improve the perinatal outcomes for women and their babies. Leanne has worked with hundreds of individuals via her women’s health curriculum. Her consulting work, strategy creation and writing include collaborations with the Seattle NICU, the University of Washington, Expectful Inc., Yoga Girl, Motherly, Foster Forward and more. She holds certifications as a birth doula, infant/child sleep consultant, and yoga teacher educator, and she has over 2,000 hours of training as a yoga therapist in Ayurveda. She has founded two businesses.

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How to Move From Side Hustle to Full-Time Business Owner

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