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We're committed to funding the preservation of Kappa’s heritage to teach from our history. Whether you are interested in chapter-specific history or our organization's beginnings, there is much to reflect on and experience.

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“On a little wooden bridge spanning a small stream that flows through the northeastern corner of the campus, two college girls one day held a schoolgirls’ conversation out of which grew the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity.” That’s how Thomas H. McMichael, president of Monmouth College from 1903–36, described Kappa’s earliest days.

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Mary Jane Crist, Arizona, Former Foundation Trustee

For many years, a group of Kappa sisters met at the Colorado cabin of Robin Whitfield Brown, Texas Tech, and the Michigan cottage of Jane Tourner Curry, Indiana. Oh, the fun we had! We spent hours talking, reminiscing, and playing Bridge or Rummikub. We not only shared a golden key, but we also shared life’s moments with one another: struggles and triumphs, weddings and babies, illness and heartbreak. Jane’s cottage had a porch where we would gather and we began to call ourselves the “Porch Sitters.” We hailed from different chapters and several decades, but Kappa brought us together.


Humble Beginnings


You know the story: Kappa was founded in 1870 in Monmouth, Illinois, when for the first time, six women proudly wore little golden keys, the badges of their new fraternity for women. Since you know the rest, let’s get to the good stuff: Kappa’s historian has uncovered lesser-known details about the founding of our sisterhood.


Kappa Kappa Gamma Achieves Historic Milestone

10/14/2020 Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct. 14, 2020) — On Oct. 13, 2020, Kappa Kappa Gamma marked its 150th Founders Day, concluding a yearlong celebration of its Sesquicentennial.


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key matters

Kappa Archivist and Museum Director Kylie Towers Smith, Simpson and Stewart House Director Mary Osborne, Monmouth skim all the news in Kappa Kappa Gamma's magazine The Golden Key (now called The Key) from 1882-2021.

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Kappa Archivist and Museum Director Kylie Towers Smith, Simpson and Stewart House Director Mary Osborne, Monmouth, and former Fraternity President Kay Larson, Washington, share more about women's history and Kappa history in this historical podcast.

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