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The Kappa Foundation equips women with the resources to spark change and preserves values established by our beloved founders. Since 1989, we’ve been working with the Fraternity to keep Kappa moving in a positive direction.

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Inspired: A Future Physician


When she was growing up, Megan Mosiman, Pepperdine, spent five years in a back brace due to scoliosis. Megan also supported her sister after she too underwent treatment for scoliosis. Now an aspiring surgeon, Megan hopes to improve treatments for scoliosis and provide support for children who endure such hardship. She’s one step closer to this goal thanks to a Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation scholarship.


Porch Stories


Mary Jane Crist, Arizona, Former Foundation Trustee

For many years, a group of Kappa sisters met at the Colorado cabin of Robin Whitfield Brown, Texas Tech, and the Michigan cottage of Jane Tourner Curry, Indiana. Oh, the fun we had! We spent hours talking, reminiscing, and playing Bridge or Rummikub. We not only shared a golden key, but we also shared life’s moments with one another: struggles and triumphs, weddings and babies, illness and heartbreak. Jane’s cottage had a porch where we would gather and we began to call ourselves the “Porch Sitters.” We hailed from different chapters and several decades, but Kappa brought us together.


A Support System Throughout The Years


Sometimes, in life, we hit an unexpected curve. After a divorce, Wendy Turrell, Allegheny, had to figure out how to navigate her new reality. In the fallout of the divorce, many of Wendy’s plans had fallen through. Her house needed refurbishing and she was pursuing a master’s degree at night while working full time. Despite her efforts, she could not afford both tuition and home refurbishing. Wendy felt vulnerable, yet her dream of completing a master’s degree drove her to work harder than ever.


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