Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded 150 years ago on the principles of integrity, respect and regard for others. The events of the past few weeks have challenged our commitment to those ideals, and we are grateful to our members for speaking up and holding us accountable for change. We are committed to becoming part of the solution, and that begins with action, today.

As such, we are also committed to sharing regular updates and information regarding these initiatives with our membership. We will be posting those updates and resources here.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress Report 8.6.2020 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress Report 11.30.2020 


Currently the following educational courses and resources are available:

Online courses within Kappa’s Learning Management System: 

Member Resources:


*In-Person and Virtual Training:

  •  “Are You Ensuring Everyone Is Asked to Dance? Doing Your Part”  
    •  During this workshop, participants explore the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Understanding their role as leaders within the chapter to create a culture of support participants will be asked to consider how to best engage in inclusive leadership through the application of the six traits of inclusive leadership (Deloitte University Press, 2016). 

       *Chapters receive this training on a rotational basis as part of the Harm Prevention Series, however, they may contact education@kappa.org to request based upon individual chapter interest. 

If you would like to share your questions or reactions with Kappa Kappa Gamma leadership, please email kkghq@kappa.org. Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering to directly contribute to Kappa Kappa Gamma’s DEI efforts as part of our committees and work groups, please contact volunteer@kappa.org
We appreciate the feedback we have received these past few weeks, and we encourage our members to continue the conversation on these important topics so we can grow as an organization.