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In the Beginning

Our History

In the beginning Landing

Sometimes it’s hard to say which is more compelling. Is it our 140 plus years of fraternity or the fact that we were ever founded in the first place? Our beginnings coincide with the end of the Civil War and occurred fifty years before women would receive the right to vote and hold office in America.

So when six exceptional women at Monmouth College in Illinois decided to express their belief in a woman’s potential to impact the world, they had already begun the first step on the journey to do precisely that.

Our Founders had been taught to love learning and literature. They would make academics and leadership central elements of the Fraternity’s founding. They planned our motto and thoughtfully chose our badge and our name.

Whether or not they imagined the ultimate size and scope the organization would achieve, our founders clearly believed in a woman’s potential to inspire others and impact the world. We, of course, share their belief and have found that with preparation and a few friends we can do just that.

Are you curious about these women and what we’ve accomplished? Explore our voyage of discovery and share it with others.
On the road? Visit our two museums in Monmouth, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio.
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