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There really is a lifetime member experience available to Kappas. It’s something you will hear about during your collegiate years. We know you might tune that part out because, well, you'll have more pressing matters to address. Little things like graduation, grad school, a job search or how about just getting through your freshman year. “Lifetime membership” is sometime in the future.

Well, the future is coming.

As a Kappa, the young women you will meet in your initiating chapter or the women you will soon meet at a training event are the same women who are making hiring decisions, leading volunteer committees or know their way around your future hometown.

As a member, you will always have Kappa in common. You will be able to connect with other Kappas through this website’s member search feature, at regional leadership events, through local alumnae associations, at a Convention or even on the campus of a nearby college.

So, come join us. Connect with us.
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