Founders Day Giving Challenge 2019



You outdid yourselves, Kappa sisters and friends! You pushed the Founders Day Giving Challenge well over $600,000! We cannot thank you enough. With these funds, we head into Kappa’s Sesquicentennial empowered to offer programs and support our Founders could not even imagine.
Special thanks to Marty Vanier, Kansas State, for her amazing challenge gift, our Challenge Ambassadors for their enthusiasm and dedication, and our Foundation Board of Trustees for their leadership. We look forward to sharing with you the final results once all gifts have been counted! And our mission is in action 365 days a year. Please continue to follow us to see all of the good work that is made possible through your generosity.




Letter from the President and Executive Director

Dear sisters, 

As we approach the fall, we are reminded of our six trailblazing Founders, entering chapel at Monmouth College with golden keys in their hair, to announce the beginning of our Fraternity. The school’s newspaper announced that these courageous women were on a “voyage of discovery.”

One hundred fifty years later, we’re celebrating our Founders’ passion and commitment to sisterhood and continuing to support the lifelong development of women.

This year’s Founders Day Giving Challenge is an opportunity to celebrate our sisterhood and support the programs of the Kappa Foundation: scholarships, financial assistance, educational programs and heritage preservation.

One of our Kappa sisters and official challenge donor, Marty Vanier, has given us the opportunity to raise $600,000. She’s all in with a gift of $150,000 to celebrate Kappa’s Sesquicentennial. Then, if alumnae, collegians, chapters, associations, and Kappa friends make gifts to the Foundation totaling $300,000 during the campaign, we can unlock a second $150,000 gift from our very generous sister!

We thank you for joining us in the Founders Day Giving Challenge. Your gift will celebrate the past 150 years as it supports the next 150!


 Susanne Vander Heyden - Sigma            Maggie Coons Signature  

Susanne Vander Heyden                                Maggie Coons  

President                                                        Executive Director 


Meet our Challenge Donor

Dr. Marty Vanier, Kansas State

Marty VanierMarty was raised on a central Kansas ranch that bred both registered and commercial horned Hereford cattle. She attended Kansas State University, receiving her bachelor’s in agriculture (animal science) in 1979 and her doctor of veterinary medicine degree in 1981. After graduation, she moved to Washington, D.C., and began her career in veterinary pharmaceutical and food safety policy. In 1987, she became deputy director for information and legislative affairs in the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Marty returned to Kansas State University in 1989 to become a research assistant for the Food Safety Consortium in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. In 2003, she moved to KSU’s National Agricultural Biosecurity Center and served as director of operations.

In April 2015, Marty began an assignment as the senior program manager for strategic partnership development for the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility. Her duties involved engaging internal and external stakeholders, including government entities, production agriculture, the animal health industry, and educational institutions to create new partnerships to advance the NBAF mission. At the conclusion of her DHS assignment, Marty returned to the National Agricultural Biosecurity Center as director and also served as second-in-command of K-State's Biosecurity Research Institute. Marty resides in Manhattan, Kansas. When not working, Marty enjoys supporting Kansas State University, breeding quarter horses — including the stallion Sixes Sixgun — enjoying her Australian shepherd, Sadie, and reading. She served as Membership Adviser for Gamma Alpha Chapter for over 20 years and is thrilled to support the inaugural Founders Day Giving Challenge!


Your investment in Kappa makes a difference!

Your gifts to the Annual Loyalty Fund for our 2019 Founders Day Giving Challenge are hard at work for the betterment of all Kappas supporting:

Leadership Training

Provides access to premier leadership opportunities like Leadership Academy, leadTODAY, Kappa Leadership Conference, GIRLS Academy, and Convention as well as new member courses and officer training.Morgan

“The leadTODAY experience was amazing for our chapter, giving us many benefits and insights. We felt a much closer bond after this program and important discussions on accountability and the standards process resulted. We created clear goals for the chapter that we still reflect on and work toward to this day. Having this leadTODAY opportunity was a true blessing for our chapter and has given us many tools to be successful. Thank you for donating to allow us to have this experience that added so much to our chapter!”

–Morgan Hartman, President, Ohio State


Harm-Prevention Educational Programs

Help members navigate the challenges facing all young women today with the knowledge and confidence to make informed and safe decisions through programs like Alcohol Skills Training Program, Behind Happy Faces, Aspiring to a Higher Ideal of Sisterhood: Building a Culture of Safety and Support (AHIS), and Ensuring Every Member is Invited to Dance.

“I recently completed a chapter visit for the AHIS program and had a great experience! The women were extremely engaged and appreciated the support from Headquarters in discussing such an intimate and difficult topic. Being able to talk about some incredibly prevalent and real issues helped empower the women to understand the role they play in eliminating sexual violence and supporting one another through a stronger sisterhood.”

–EME Trainer 



Help Kappas fund their education with merit-based and need-based scholarships.


Sierra4"I am so beyond thankful to be receiving a scholarship from Kappa Kappa Gamma to help me afford my final year of college. My family has dealt with some major financial burdens since dealing with my and my brother’s cancer diagnosis. There was a time when I didn’t know I would be able to return to school, but thanks to you I am able to finish my last year here at UNT. I have been cancer-free for two years and am so honored that in one year I will be able to say I am a first-generation college graduate! I am studying broadcast journalism and I would love to work for an entertainment news company. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the amazing sisterhood I am a part of. Kappa has given me a family away from home and helped me through the hardest time of my life. Thank you again so much for this scholarship. It means the absolute world!” 

–Sierra Galvez, North Texas



 Kappa’s Heritage  

KylieThrough the Digital Archive and Interactive History of Kappa Kappa Gamma, we can tell stories from the Fraternity’s past, share our role in empowering women, and lay the groundwork for Kappa’s future. Visit to learn more. 

“It’s exhilarating to know that Kappa is the first Greek-letter organization to digitize our entire archive! This has revolutionized the way we preserve our collections, share our story, and find information. I’ve worked with these collections for nearly 20 years, and not a day goes by that I don’t happen across something new and exciting. Now that our archives are digital, we can tell our story more easily AND give the people what they want. It’s incredible to share our archive treasures with Kappas and with the world, and to find them so easily using the gorgeous digital archives site. Thank you for your support!”

  Kylie Smith, Archivist/Museum Director, Simpson 



Areas of Greatest Need

Fund the immediate needs of Kappa. These dollars allow for a swift response to maintain a high degree of excellence for our membership.



Kappa Kappa Gamma has almost 150 years of sisterhood to celebrate and we hope you will join the Founders Day Giving Challenge with your support. Thank you for helping women dream boldly and live fully!