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Dear Parent

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Dear parent,

Seeing the country, meeting new people, learning new life skills — who could ask for more from a job right out of college? We are thrilled that our daughter is seeing so much of the United States and Canada in a way that she never would have before. Every week we are amazed at the energy it takes to usher a new group of young women through Recruitment and work with all of the diverse personalities.

The attitude and organization of each chapter sets the tone for our conversations with our daughter each week. The job seems to be bringing solid life and work lessons, such as negotiating, making formal presentations, organizing, listening, and developing flexibility. The more a chapter needs her and is willing to accept constructive advice, the more fulfilling it is for our daughter and the better the experience is at each stop.

We have added the weather channel to our favorites and are now more versed in the national weather patterns. We are from the parched West Coast, so we love to see all the rain via her Snapchats.

If we don’t hear from our daughter a few times in a week, it means that a chapter visit is going great and is taking all of her energy and time in a positive effort!

We’re thrilled that we get a visit for a few days before the big winter break.

When we share what our daughter is doing with other parents, they are truly impressed with the experience the job offers. There are so many skills required of a Leadership Consultant and those skills are enhanced on the job. We are so proud of our daughter and could not be happier that she is taking advantage of such a great opportunity while truly enjoying the work she is doing.


Mr. and Mrs. Kozel

Editor's Note: Above is a letter written by the parents of a Field Representative. Interested in joining our Field Representative team or learning more? Visit www.kappa.org/field_representatives today!

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