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“I hope I get this job. Otherwise, I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life.”

My exact thoughts as I pressed send on my Field Representatives application. A bit of an exaggeration, but a very real thought in my head.

Rewinding just a bit, I had been dreaming of becoming a Leadership Consultant since my sophomore year at the University of Arizona. That being said, I was feeling a whole lot of pressure when the time came to actually submit my application. If I’m being completely honest, I was so anxious about applying that I actually downloaded the application a year early just to brainstorm some ideas for when it was finally my turn.

Just like any undergraduate student, I was always thinking about my future and what I wanted to do with my life after college. Even to this day, I’m constantly changing my mind. But the one thing I knew for sure during my undergraduate experience was that I wanted to be an LC. I couldn’t think of a more perfect job. Traveling the country while working for an organization that I love — what more could I ask for?

Despite my thinking that college would last forever — spoiler alert for all of you undergrads out there: graduation day is real and will be here sooner than you think — the time had finally come for me to submit my application. Becoming an LC was no longer just talk. I had to walk the walk. I spent my entire winter break working on and trying to perfect my application. No matter how many times I read over it or had my mom and friends read over it for me, I was still a nervous wreck. So many thoughts were running through my head at that time. Was this something I could really handle? What would it feel like to be constantly traveling? Could I actually live out of a suitcase for months at a time? Was I really the right person to be providing chapter women with the advice and support they needed?

These were all questions I kept asking myself as I continued the application process. As I advanced on to the different phases, everything became much more real — as did my nerves. It wasn’t until I arrived at Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters and met all of the other amazing applicants that I realized this job was exactly what I was looking for. We were only in Columbus, Ohio, for a few short days, but I left feeling motivated and inspired by everyone I had met that weekend. Luckily for me, I had all of the time in the world to overthink everything I was already overthinking as I played the waiting game to hear if I got the job. I spent the next five days constantly refreshing my email and checking my phone to see if I had any missed calls even though I never put my phone down. Although I was 50 shades of anxious that week, I realized how lucky I truly was to have made it this far in the process. Kappa had become something that changed my life for the better and now I was possibly going to have the opportunity to give back to the organization that has given me so much more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Fast forward to now and I’ve realized there were so many things I didn’t even think about when I applied. Things that have made this position even more amazing than I could have ever possibly imagined. The things I didn’t think about? I didn’t truly think about the impact that meeting all of these amazing Kappas would have on me. I didn’t think about the genuine friendships I would form with the chapter women I met at each university. I didn’t think about how much I would grow as a person and how much confidence I would gain in myself through all of these experiences. I didn’t think about how meeting the other Field Representatives would change my life and would become not just the most amazing support system I could have ever asked for, but also my best friends.

While there were many things I did and did not think about, applying for this job was definitely the second best decision I’ve ever made — the first one was going Kappa, of course. It’s impossible to describe exactly everything this job entails because no two days are ever the same. Each day, I wake up and get to experience something completely new. Even if I had all the answers to the questions running through my head when I applied, nothing could have truly prepared me for the adventure ahead of me. My biggest piece of advice to those who are even just thinking about the idea of being an LC? Just go for it. Apply. See what happens. Get ready for what could possibly be the most rewarding and adventurous year of your life.

It’s been a wild ride and I’m loving every second of it.

Morgan Agster_Headshot Morgan Agster, Arizona, is a 2016–2017 Leadership Consultant. Interested in joining our Field Representative team? Find out more by visiting www.kappa.org/field_representatives today!

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