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Intern Spotlight: Grace

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By Grace Brown, Utah 


I was in San Diego on spring break, soaking up the sun and hoping to stall my fast-approaching graduation from the University of Utah. My phone rang and without much thought, I picked it up. On the other end? My dream internship with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation

Well, maybe I didn’t know it was a dream quite yet. I was excited, but actually a little nervous. Did I even really know what the Foundation was about? Was I Kappa enough for the job?

When people asked what I would be doing, I didn’t fully know. Jokingly, I would say I may be calling donors, perhaps even famous Kappas like Kate Spade! 

The reality is, I didn’t meet Kate Spade and casually talk fashion over a cup of coffee. I did, however, meet some outstanding women. Before starting my internship, I was not aware of all the life-changing support the Kappa Foundation provides. And I had no idea that the Foundation is one example of how Kappa is for a lifetime.

Because of the Foundation, a young Girl Scout might get to visit one of the two Kappa museums and learn about women’s history. A girl in middle school, attending a GIRLS Academy program, can learn about what it means to be a leader and be inspired to follow her dreams. An undergraduate Kappa struggling financially to stay in school may be inspired to apply for a Kappa Foundation scholarship.

A member who falls ill and has unforeseen medical bills; a member who has had disaster strike and her home left in rubble; these women can rely on Rose McGill Confidential Aid from the Foundation to help them get back on their feet. For recipients of Rose McGill Confidential Aid, the Foundation even provides joy during the holiday season through its Holiday Program.

So after three months, I can finally answer the question of what I do. I work to inspire our members to be involved with the Foundation and share with them why Kappa is for a lifetime. I work to spread the word about the Foundation so they can continue to provide support and educational programming to our members and those within their communities. Every day, I am inspired by the amazing work of Kappa women. I could not be more proud to have spent my summer with these women, and even though my time here is at an end, it is an experience I will never forget.



Posted by Blog Admin at 09/03/2015 09:59:40 AM | 

Sounds like you had a great experience, Grace! It's not four years, it's for life :)
Posted by: Kiley ( Email ) at 9/17/2015 2:27 PM

Welcome to Mountain View!! Happy to have you here!!
Great job with everything. I appreciate it all. I received a Panhellenic Scholarship while at UCLA and will always be ever so grateful. Looking forward to meeting you someday!
Posted by: Kerry Hodge ( Email ) at 7/20/2016 8:50 PM

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