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From Academic Excellence to KKGenius

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By Mary Pat Rooney, Drake, Academic Excellence Chairman

Since 1870, Kappa has consistently focused on importance of academic excellence. As time moves forward and the pressures of college life change, Kappa looks for new ways to challenge our members, provide support and build excitement around academic achievements.

Enter Academic Excellence Month.

Following the lead of the National Panhellenic Council and their Month of the Scholar, Kappa has been observing Academic Excellence Month each February since 2011. AE Month seeks to highlight the scholastic facet of chapter life, from exciting ways to show off a chapter’s academic achievements on campus to celebrating the dedication of its members—there are many ways to participate. Here are the top four ways to get involved:

1. Up for a challenge? Enter the 2015 Chapter Study Hours Challenge! Track your chapter’s study hours and tabulate the total number of hours for the month of February. Divide by the total number of members in your chapter and submit the average study hours per member to me by email: kkghq@kkg.org. A prize (and year-long bragging rights) will be awarded to the chapter with the highest average per member.

2. Create an academic excellence sign or banner to display outside your chapter facility or at your school’s campus center to show your scholastic pride to your college or university.

3. Plan an academic-themed event for your chapter. Organize a study date with great snacks, host a dinner for your favorite professors, or reward members for their achievements at a chapter meeting.

4.Throughout the month, share your academic photos, descriptions and details with Kappa on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using hashtag #KKGenius. The most inspiring, exciting and original will be shared on the Fraternity’s official social media channels.
Kappas can continue to positively influence their campuses, workplaces and communities through their academic achievements. Showcase your #KKGenius and relish the opportunity to flaunt it!


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nice article
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