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Fees-Fines-Fo-Fum: Kappa and the Financial Beanstalk

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By Sarah Gipe, Ohio Wesleyan, Supervisor of Chapter Finance

Sarah Gipe  
If there’s one thing we all know about college, it’s that it costs a pretty penny. During a time when students are getting their first true experience with independence and self-discovery, it’s understandable why many college students gravitate to the Greek life experience. Sororities offer friendship, leadership, philanthropy and more. But Greek life isn’t free.
Kappa Kappa Gamma offers all those amazing benefits with full financial transparency. It’s not in our organization’s best interest or that of our potential new members to unintentionally provide misguided information about our financial policies. What you see is what you get!
Running a little late to an event? No worries. Don’t want to purchase a T-shirt? That’s fine. Our members show up to events because they want to participate, not because of an impending fine. We equip our chapter Treasurers with the resources and knowledge to budget properly so that all mandatory chapter expenses are considered for the entire term and incremental charges are not needed for the chapter to operate. Our members get one comprehensive bill per term (broken into several monthly installments if needed). We have found that providing the financial expectations upfront allows for our members to plan accordingly.   
And that’s just the dollars and cents of it. Financial obligation is an important part of adult life, a part that we find necessary to educate and promote within the undergraduate Kappa experience. But being fiscally responsible doesn’t start with the member, it starts with the organization. Kappa Kappa Gamma sets an example and provides both education and support to our members when sensitive financial issues arise.
We want to give our members the best possible experience in a fiscally responsible way. After all, we are here to foster friendship, mutual support, opportunities for self-growth, respect for intellectual development, and an understanding of and an allegiance to positive ethical principles. And who wouldn’t aspire to achieve qualities like those?    

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From a parents perspective, it is wonderful to watch a child,(children),use their respective higher learning to develop and maintain a career. I must add, that Sarah, and all my other children have not just learned or received knowledge/experience, but through blogs etc., they have become teachers, well-wishers and they have the ability to give back to those following behind them! I am sincerely warmed by Sarah's blog as well as all my other children that blog or give back in similar ways! I am proud to read Sarah's meaningful work as a true expression of her beliefs. Continue to share your work and efforts with those behind you. You are paving the way for their success! Love, Dad
Posted by: David Witkowski ( Email ) at 1/30/2015 9:12 AM

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