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By Whitney Cross, Loyola, 20142015 Leadership Consultant

Whitney Cross 

My name is Whitney Cross, and I am absolutely delighted to say that my first job out of college is being a member of the Leadership Consultant team. While I am originally from St. Louis, Mo., I chose to attend Loyola University Chicago to study political science and international studies and to eat all of the deep-dish pizza my heart desired.  During my time with my chapter, I was fortunate enough to be what we call a campus liaison, which means I was the primary point of contact for all things Loyola within Kappa, followed by a stint as chapter President.

During my senior year, we were asked to participate in the Installation of the new chapter at Elmhurst College.  I was in awe of how the Fraternity operated as an international organization, and seeing the amount of support Elmhurst received from Kappas everywhere, I was totally set on having that experience again. It was for this reason that I applied to be an LC, and I have not been disappointed! Each week I am able to see our incredible sisterhood in action.

After just over a month on the road, I already find it difficult to pinpoint which moment is my favorite. I have seen sisterhood in late-night practices for Membership Recruitment, as undergraduates dance around the chapter house in a Recruitment-induced daze. I have seen sisterhood in adventures around New York City in search of an Italian festivals best cannoli, just because I mentioned that I was craving one. The most incredible display of sisterhood, however, I was fortunate enough to experience with Lindsey, a fellow LC. On our very first visit, the chapter received a heartbreaking piece of information during a membership selection session. Instead of breaking down and giving up, the chapter finished the session, and, without any discussion, moved to the front lawn to handle the situation how they knew best: prayer and song for their sister. In this difficult time, they joined hands and rose up to support one another. As Lindsey and I stood hand-in-hand with the chapter, you could feel the power of this incredible, undeniable sisterhood. It was that overwhelming feeling of pride that I felt during the Installation of the Eta Phi Chapter at Elmhurst.  This memory, which I was lucky enough to experience at my very first chapter visit, remains the best memory I have had as an LC thus far. I am so honored to have been given the chance to experience this sisterhood each week, and I am looking forward to many more weeks of eating too much, laughing until I cry and learning about how each chapter lives Kappas unbreakable bonds every day.  



Editors Note: The Leadership Consultant application is now available. Deadline to apply is December 1. Visit the Our Team page to learn more about the position and apply today!


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