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Tips for Planning a Successful Leadership Consultant Visit

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By Caroline Washnock, Centre, 20142015 Leadership Consultant

Caroline Washnock

Picture this: you just graduated from college. Your first post-graduation home is two suitcases and a tote bag; your preferred method of transportation is an airplane; your address changes weekly; your daily schedule is determined by someone you have never met and you have limited control over where you sleep and eat. You are entirely dependent on these strangers to make sure you are housed in a safe place and fed regularly. All the while you are working your first big job. While these strangers may be your incredibly remarkable sisters and you have the chance to meet many people and travel, the life of a Leadership Consultant can be challenging and lonely.

So who would choose to do such a challenging yet rewarding job? Me! My name is Caroline Washnock, and I am a Zeta Gamma from Centre College in Kentucky. I served as Marshal and Nominating Committee Chairman for my chapter and I also spent a fantastic summer working at Fraternity Headquarters as the Catherine Schroeder Graf Heritage Museum intern. After my experience learning about Kappa history and meeting so many wonderful Kappas that summer I was eager to return to my chapter to share my knowledge and passion with my sisters. This inspired me to apply to become an LC so I could share my passion with more of my sisters and help them as they work to better their chapters.

As road warriors, my LC teammates and I have already experienced wonderful visits to many chapters. However, there are times we feel lonely and overwhelmed by our schedules. Below are seven tips for planning our visits so you can ensure that your LC has everything she needs for an enjoyable and successful visit.

1.    Healthy food: We eat out. A lot. While we love trying the best local restaurants or fast food restaurants (we are looking at you, In-n-Out Burger), we do need to eat healthy food, too. Fresh fruit, yogurts and healthy breakfast items are easy ways to help us get the nutrition we need.

2.    Time to work out: LCs appreciate time to work out, especially if we are eating out frequently. Have a chapter member who loves to run? Have her partner with the LC for the week. Starting to get cold outside? Most schools have the option to purchase a temporary gym pass.

3.    Free time: Our schedules do not have to be completely booked, and in fact, we really appreciate when time off is built into our schedule. Since we typically work from morning to evening, having an hour to work on reports or presentations, watch Netflix, or call a friend gives us a much-needed mental break.

4.    Invitations to do things with chapter members: Are you going Target? Grabbing some candy and a soda from the local gas station? Going to a movie? Invite us! Dont forget, we are all recent graduates and enjoy socializing with women our own age. Plus, doing fun random activities with chapter members allows us to get to know you and your chapter better!

5.    Tour of campus/surrounding area: One of the perks of being an LC is seeing so much of the United States (and sometimes Canada). Be sure to schedule a tour of campus for your LC. If time allows, a tour around the surrounding area is appreciated, too!

6.    Meals with non-officers: During many of our visits, we only get to know the officers since we have meetings and meals with them. Consider scheduling meals with chapter members who do not hold positions. This allows us to get to know more women in the chapter, plus it allows these women to ask questions about Kappa and get to know us.

7.    Officer meetings outside of meals: Officer meetings are a really important time for an LC to learn about the officers initiatives, offer assistance and gather ideas to share with other chapters. Be sure to not schedule these meetings during meals, as it is often hard for us to take notes, actively listen and eat at the same time. Remember, meals are a great time for LCs to meet chapter members outside of Chapter Council!



Editors Note: The Leadership Consultant application is now available. Deadline to apply is December 1. Visit the Our Team page to learn more about the position and apply today!


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