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Changing My Point of View

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By Lindsey Steller, Kentucky, 20142015 Leadership Consultant

Lindsey Steller

Hello! My name is Lindsey Steller and I graduated from the University of Kentucky in May. At Beta Chi Chapter, I was the Risk Management Chairman, Philanthropy Chairman, and then President. I also planned GIRLS Academy with the chapter and it was an incredible, life-changing experience! 

The decision to become a Leadership Consultant was pretty easy for me, although I did not consider it until late in my junior year. At that point in school, I thought I wanted to be a high school Spanish or math teacher, but once I started teaching, I quickly learned that was not the path for me. I decided to finish my degree, but early on in my senior year I realized that even though I had NO CLUE what I would do after graduation, or where I saw myself in a few years. I found the application for the LC position and thought, Well I like traveling, love Kappa, enjoy meeting new people, and have no clue why I wouldnt continue my Kappa involvement another year. And well, the rest is history! Its the best decision I could have made!

This Kappa adventure is something that I cannot fully explain in words, but I will try my best to do this experience justice and share a piece of my thoughts with you all. Since becoming an LC, I have had such unique opportunities to meet wonderful and inspiring women, explore unchartered territory, and have constant reminders of how powerful and strong the bonds of Kappa Kappa Gamma truly are. It is so easy when we are undergraduates to get caught up in the ins and outs of our chapter and lose sight of the connection we have with the Fraternity and sisters across the world. I know I got excited when I met a Kappa from another chapter, but it was always brief and I never took the time to learn their story. 

Now as an alumna of Kappa and an LC, I have a whole new perspective on Kappa and life in general. I have had dinner with active members whose vision for Kappa is mature beyond their years. Ive attended a memorial service for an alumna who attended every Kappa Convention since she was initiated. I was there to see a chapter come together over a loss and without missing a beat, stand strong together in prayer on the front lawn of their chapter. These are constant reminders to me now that show me if you want to do important and meaningful things in life, you need a support system.

I have now traveled to six different chapters and while they all vary in size, campus culture, Recruitment style, housing situation, etc., they all have one thing in common: the same values, morals and standards. This job has given me the clear perspective that Kappa is truly an organization for life and that no matter where you go or how far you are from home, Kappa will make you feel comfortable and welcomed!



Editors Note: The Leadership Consultant application is now available. Deadline to apply is December 1. Visit the Our Team page to learn more about the position and apply today!

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