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What Is a Leadership Consultant?

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By Kat Jaeger, Colorado State, 20142015 Leadership Consultant

 Kat Jaeger

Hey! Im Kat Jaeger, a Leadership Consultant traveling the continent visiting our chapters. I grew up in Kansas City before leaving the Flint Hills for the Foothills of Fort Collins, Colo., where I did my undergraduate studies at Colorado State University. I was initiated into the Epsilon Beta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma in November 2010. I served as both Vice President-Academic Excellence and President, roles that helped me grow as a leader. It is easy for me to say Kappa was the biggest and most important part of my life in college, which is what got me to start thinking about applying to be an LC. Then, in 2013, my big sister, Emilie Blake, was selected as an LC. While that wasnt the only thing that made me want to become an LC, her success helped make me see that it was a possibility for me.

As an undergraduate, I saw the LCs as having infinite Kappa knowledge and figured that I was not qualified to do whatever it was they did. After hearing about Emilies incredible experiences, I began to picture myself in her shoes more and more. When Madison Taylor, Arkansas, visited Colorado State in fall 2013 I picked her brain to get some of the details of the job (without trying to be too transparent about how desperate I was becoming to be an LC, too). The confidence I had gained through some of the important LCs in my life gave me the courage to apply. After she left, I went to the Kappa website and immediately started applying.

Being an LC makes for great conversation on airplanes. Members, my parents and random travelers always ask, What is an LC?An LC is a member of the Field Representatives team for Kappa Kappa Gamma. Field Representatives include both Leadership Consultants and Chapter Consultants. Simply put, LCs travel to different chapters around the continent each week and CCs are based with one specific chapter. LCs also travel for only one school year, whereas the time commitment for CCs may be different.

LCs are Kappa alumnae who are also recent college graduates. Of the current team of ten LCs, most of us graduated in May 2014. We were trained thoroughly in every aspect of the Fraternity and Foundation, and the ten of us visit all 140 chaptersabout 25 each during the academic year to share our knowledge. While we all held a variety of positions in our chapters and on our campuses, the only prerequisite for the job is to have held at least one Chapter Council position as an undergraduate.

Most visits are five days long, Sunday evening through Friday morning. Some may be longer, however, depending on timing and chapter needs. Recruitment visits tend to be longer than five days since Recruitment often runs through the weekend, or we may spend extra time with a chapter to experience pre-Recruitment preparation.

Following a regular five-day visit, we often get weekends off. Some of us choose to spend this time in or around the city where the chapter is located, while some prefer to go on to their next location early and stay with friends, family or alumnae in the area. LCs also have the option to fly to a different location on their weekends off it is completely a personal preference.

Because Kappa has chapters all over the continent, it is likely that you will be flying to a new time zone each week. Because of travel and time zones, LCs are encouraged to take care of themselves and find personal time during visits to chapters.

While an LC is visiting, our main responsibilities are to be a support for the chapter and offer guidance on any issues the chapter may be dealing with. Every chapter gets a visit from an LC at least once in the school yearit is a common misconception that having a LC at your chapter means that you are in trouble! If an LC is visiting during a time when a chapter has something specific going on, such as Recruitment, Initiation or officer elections, she will fully participate in assisting the officers with this process and act in an advisory capacity to make sure that everything is running efficiently.

The LC will meet with all of the officers. These meetings are usually one-on-one and are just to make sure that the officer is on the right track. It also gives them an opportunity to get extra support for their position.

The LC will also do a presentation for the entire chapter during her visit, addressing a focus area identified by Chapter Council. She is available to meet with any member of the chapter. We truly try to integrate ourselves into the chapters we visit for the time we are staying with a chapter. We will usually sleep in the chapter house, or with a member in her home if the chapter is unhoused. The LC will also eat her meals with members and spend free time getting to know chapter members. Time permitting, LCs love a chance to see the town they are staying in and do fun things with members, such as go to the movies, go shopping or go on ice cream runs!

Being an LC is one of the most rewarding jobs that I have ever experienced, but it can also be difficult to travel constantly if you are not fully prepared. Training for the job, however, helps all of the LCs to adapt to life on the road and the active members of each chapter help us all to not feel lonely or homesick. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.



Editors Note: The Leadership Consultant application is now available. Deadline to apply is December 1. Visit the Our Team page to learn more about the position and apply today!

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