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By Kelly Matyas Magyarics, Pittsburgh, Fraternity Public Relations Chairman


Instagram, Twitter and Facebook users know that the sum of content on a social media site—all those posts, tweets, photos and videos—is referred to as a “feed.” Take a minute and ask yourselves—what are you “feeding” your chapter social media outlets?

Right now, many chapters are in the middle of Membership Recruitment, Bid Day celebrations and the new member program. It’s undeniably an exciting time, as chapters wish to celebrate and highlight those newly pledged members who have agreed to uphold and promote our values and Standards. But are the posts and photos of these members responsible for the future of your chapter in line with Fraternity expectations?

While it may be tradition in your chapter to refer to new members as “babies,” did you ever stop to think about how that term might be interpreted by others? The intention may be to show your excitement in welcoming these precious new members into your sisterhood, and share with them the history, heritage and ideals of Kappa Kappa Gamma, but you may inadvertently be feeding the notion that new members are lower in rank than initiated members, requisite of obedience and subservience to those initiated sisters.

Likewise, is your feed peppered with photos of decorated paddles displayed on tables at pre-recruitment events where potential new members learn about Greek life, or during events where Big and Little Sisters are revealed? While Kappa members are sure that blue and blue paddles adorned with names, letters and the owl, key and fleur-de-lis are strictly for decorative and gift-giving purposes, others may misinterpret their use. Have you stopped to ask “Is their inclusion on social media feeding into the stereotype of hazing and violence towards uninitiated members?”

The hope for you during Recruitment and the new member program is that you successfully show your chapter’s personality online, and your pride and excitement for your newest member class, in ways that put Kappa’s core values on display. Here are a few tips to help you really shine online:

  • Use modern recruitment terminology: “new member” instead of “pledge” or “baby,” and “Recruitment” instead of “rush.”
  • Post photos of excited new members holding their bid cards and meeting their new sisters.
  • Do not post photos of Bid Day that include men in the foreground—Bid Day is about sisterhood.
  • Stop using paddles in your chapter as gifts from Big Sisters to Little Sisters, change that tradition by having big sisters decorate photo frames instead. Set up a photo booth for Big and Little Sister reveal events, and post fun photos of Big and Little Sisters.
  • Refrain from using any acronyms or hashtags that seem to promote Kappa while putting down other Greek organizations, or ones that can be interpreted that Kappa Kappa Gamma is the only choice for a potential new member. We need to be aware of promoting a positive Panhellenic spirit and promoting going Greek, not undercutting other organizations through mean spirited hashtags and acronyms.

The Fraternity sees so many great examples of cheerful, poignant, funny and sisterly posts, and we are so proud of the great job many of you are doing to share your Kappa experience online. We ask that you continue to feed your social media accounts with fulfilling and meaningful content that’s worthy of the Fraternity, the chapters and the amazing new members that allow Kappa sisterhood to grow each and every semester.







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