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Versatility is Key

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Meet Mallory, Michigan State!

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“If I could describe this job in one word it would be versatility.” Mallory, a business management major, learned about being versatile early on in her time as a Leadership Consultant (LC). As an LC, the schedule can quickly go from presenting to a large group of women to helping plan an extensive Recruitment week. An LC has to be personable and immediately jump into any situation, no matter how difficult or awkward.

At the end of her time as a Leadership Consultant, Mallory will attend graduate school at Ohio University to receive a master’s degree in both business administration and sports administration. “There are so many skills that I have already learned as an LC that will apply to my degrees and my future.”

She has learned that the balance of work and travel is something that requires practice and  patience. The life of a Leadership Consultant is filled with changing plans, meetings and presentations at the drop of a hat. Being flexible with your schedule is key to being successful. “It is important to expect the unexpected. You serve many roles and really never know what situation you might find. It requires you to be very resourceful.”

During a trip to Montreal, Mallory became ill and had difficulty seeing a doctor in the area. The women of the Delta Delta, McGill, bonded together to help Mallory get better. “They arranged for me to see a recent Kappa alumna’s mother, who is a doctor. Sisterhood has no age limits and there are no boundaries it won’t cross!”

Balance also comes into play with her relationships. Constantly traveling can make it hard to keep in touch with family and friends. “With all the technology today, it is nice to be able to keep in touch with those close to me no matter where I am in my Kappa travels.”

The connection between family and Mallory was strengthened during her trip to the Alpha Chapter at Monmouth.  “My mom is a member of another Panhellenic sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and their Alpha Chapter was founded there too. I was able to tour their house and really feel the bond not only between Kappa sisters, but also Panhellenic sisters.”

During her time at Alpha Chapter, Mallory was able to explore The Stewart House Museum  and grow her connection to the history of Kappa. “It was truly amazing to be able to have that experience and really see where the Fraternity began and how it has grown.”

Mallory is embracing and enjoying the Leadership Consultant experience, making the most of her membership. She is excited to continue her travels and experience chapters outside of Recruitment. “Kappa is an international organization of women who are all connected. We are truly sisters.”

Mallory Interest

The deadline to apply for a Leadership Consultant position is November 1. This position is a one-year contract and is compensated with a salary and benefits package. A full position description and application details can be found on the Our Team page.

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Mallory- you are awesome!!! The Kappas are lucky to have you!
Posted by: Cindy Boese ( Email ) at 10/13/2013 8:54 PM

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