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Hard Work and Dedication

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Meet Illiana, New Mexico!

Hard work and dedication are second nature to Illiana. During her collegiate career, she majored in biology and Spanish, was Risk Management Chairman and Vice President–Standards and President of her chapter, was a Rho Gamma recruitment guide and sat on the Academic Excellence Committee.

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Holding leadership roles was one of the main reasons she chose to become a Leadership Consultant (LC). “I found it fascinating to continue a leadership role and travel at the same time. I had great experiences with previous LCs who helped me realize that an LC is a helpful resource the Fraternity offers and to be a part of that would be really special.”
Taking on the Leadership Consultant role has brought on new challenges for Illiana. “This position is great for getting someone out of their comfort zone because you really never know what is coming next.”

As her travels continue, Illiana is embracing the changes she finds in herself. She has learned to act quickly, remain calm in stressful situations and relax. “Seeing the silver linings and staying positive are really important. You really can’t plan too far in advance and must be ready to embrace many different experiences.” Illiana says that laughter truly is the best medicine, and that learning to let things go and to move on from situations that are stressful have kept her grounded.

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Much of the laughter Illiana gets to experience comes from spending time off with the collegians. “My fondest memories come from hanging out with the chapter women and getting to know them better. I deeply cherish trips to their favorite local restaurants, walks around campus and late-night chats.”

Though she majored in biology and Spanish, taking on this position has clarified the future for Illiana. “I would love to take on leadership development with at-risk youth and attend a graduate program in social work. I believe that this job teaches you something for any type of profession, but my experiences have given me the fundamental skills to work with people and help them find their inner leader.”

“This job has really changed me for the better. I never thought I would be traveling and working for Kappa, but I went for it and it has been much more than I ever thought possible.”

The deadline to apply for a Leadership Consultant position is November 1. This position is a one-year contract and is compensated with a salary and benefits package. A full position description and application details can be found on the Our Team page.

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