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Leadership Academy by the Numbers

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Leadership Academy is a special place for members to learn leadership skills … skills that they can use in their chapters, communities and lives. Leadership Academy is outdoor challenges and bonfires, friendship and fun. But what exactly does it take to put on a Leadership Academy? Well, start with dedicated staff, patient volunteers and excited participants. Then add:

3,405 hours of preparation

39 binders put together

254 participants (in 2012)

46 volunteers (in 2012)

256 sets of sheets

1 bazillion beads for values bracelets

45 bags of M&Ms

60 hours spent with Kappas

14 color groups

300 bandanas

720 cake pops

15 facilitators

5 leadership practices

2 47-passenger busses that make 5 trips to and from the airport

All of this adds up to

ONE AWESOME Leadership Academy!




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