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Keeping it Kappa Classy

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By Kelly A. Magyarics, Fraternity Public Relations Chairman / Web Editor, Pittsburgh

Chapter members and officers use the term “Kappa Classy” (or “Kappa Klassy”) when referring to maintaining positive public relations. But what does this term mean exactly? And do your actions and those of the other chapter members match this mantra?

Being Kappa classy may denote different things depending on your audience—other Greek groups, the campus community, alumna members, or the Fraternity, for example—but it always entails putting forth a positive image of yourself, your chapter and Kappa Kappa Gamma. Let’s start with photos shared online, as well as those submitted for consideration for a future issue of The Key. Our editors have found it challenging lately to source appropriate photos to be included for publication. Truly classy photos show sisterhood, friendly, loyalty, citizenship, philanthropy, kind-heartedness, and/or a contribution to society in some way. Bid Day pictures should show happy sisters and new members celebrating the growth of the chapter, and of Kappa Kappa Gamma as a whole; they should not (and cannot, for publication or sharing online), show fraternity members or other boys, or any cups, which even when filled with water or soda can be interpreted as celebrating Bid Day with alcohol.

Successful philanthropy events provide a chapter with a fabulous way to generate positive public relations. Whether your chapter hosted its own philanthropy event, or you co-hosted one with another Greek group, photos always need to follow our guidelines for publication, including no alcohol or cups, and tasteful, appropriate attire and poses. If the name of the event is questionable in the photos, and T-shirts depicting that name are visible (and legible,) the photos will not be acceptable for publication. (Certainly, an inappropriate name for a philanthropy, social or other chapter event would not be keeping it Kappa Classy anyway.)

When taking and sharing pictures, remember that all photos tell a story. If your chapter’s story is that members got together for fun and sisterhood, then it’s enough to simply pose as a group and send that photo. Resist the temptation to share pictures showing exaggerated faces, or members making signs or symbols. All women who appear in The Key are Kappas, so it’s merely a distraction to show us anything exc ept smiling faces! The creativity will come through the events you choose to document. Each Kappa is already unique, so please let her shine naturally.

And, when you are sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, please remember that content on these sites can and will be looked at by people who won’t necessarily see the harm in copying, commenting or redistributing that information. It’s important to be aware of this dynamic and remain proactive about the reputation of our organization and its members. Refrain from using tacky or vulgar language when posting on social media sites on behalf of the chapter, as well as mean-spirited, exclusionary or otherwise negative hashtags. Posting appropriate content is another way to demonstrate how we wear our letters 24/7, and it’s another highly visible way to show that you are Kappa Classy.

We look forward to continuing to see and hear about your successes online and in print!


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