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True Blue Sisters

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Guest Blogger Emily, Butler

This school year, thousands of young women will make the choice to go through Recruitment and find sisters and friends for life in one of the 26 National Panhellenic Conference organizations.

Sisters Kristen and Jamie, Creighton, remember Jamie’s formal Recruitment vividly, when Kristen was serving as Eta Iota Chapter’s  Membership Chairman and Jamie was going through formal Recruitment as a freshman.

It took Kristen a while to realize that her little sister Jamie could also potentially become her Kappa sister. “It didn’t hit me until Christmas time, because we have deferred Recruitment. It added a little extra stress being Membership Chair.  It made me want to do the very best job I could do and get the girls in the chapter excited.”

Jamie didn’t always plan on going through formal Recruitment, but she decided to give it a try. “I got involved with some other activities first semester, but I thought that there was something else missing from my college experience, something else that I should be doing.” Jamie was excited to experience all of the sororities for herself and form her own opinions, but she always kept Kappa at the back of her mind and knew by the end of the week that she wanted to be a Kappa with her sister.

As Membership Chairman, Kristen knew the night before that her little sister was going to walk through the door as a Kappa on Bid Day. “I was antsy waiting for her. I remember when she walked in the door, I ran up to her and said ‘put on this T-shirt, you’re a Kappa!’”

True Blue Sisters 

Jamie’s advice for women participating in Recruitment this year is to keep an open mind. “Even if you have family or friends who are in sororities already, keep your mind open,” she says. “If it doesn’t feel right during Recruitment, it probably won’t feel right when you actually join.”

Kristen believes Recruitment can be a bonding period for chapters. “It’s good for rejuvenating the love of Kappa,” she says. “It’s good to come back together and remember this is why we’re here, to get new sisters and to continue our chapters.”
Do you have a legacy (sister, daughter, granddaughter or great-granddaughter) participating in formal Recruitment this year? Fill out our Legacy Notification Form and send it to her school’s chapter.  If you want to write a reference for a woman participating in Recruitment, send a reference form to her school’s chapter.  Contact information for chapters can be found using the chapter search tool on the Kappa website. Recruitment information and ideas for chapters participating in Recruitment is available in the members section of the website.

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