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Why be a Field Rep?

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I had always thought about what it would be like to be a Kappa Field Representative: jet-setting around the country, meeting new people and seeing new places. While it is a lot of that, just maybe less glamourous, this job is so much more. In this role, every day is different and each chapter offers a unique group of women. In just a few short months, it’s become a part of me.

As a team, we work on the front lines of “Kappaland” with the goal of leaving each chapter better than when we arrived. It’s amazing how much a chapter can change in a week-long visit. I’ve seen chapters that don’t have confidence in their Recruitment and they’re discouraged by tough rounds. Then, at the end of the week, they celebrate on Bid Day because they met quota for the first time in several years. Playing a role in that, however small, is the greatest accomplishment of this job.

Watching chapter members succeed is another rewarding part. It’s watching a New Member Chairman look at the New Member Experience for the first time and sit in awe as she realizes her job just got easier. It’s that first Chapter Council meeting you sit through where they struggle to communicate, then get a text from the President a few weeks later saying how great collaboration has been since implementing some of the tips I leave behind. All in all, it’s baby steps to transform a chapter. Seeing these things happen because of something I played a part in is incredible.

This job also comes with benefits unrelated to chapter life. Since becoming a Field Representative, I’ve learned so much about crisis management — it should really be a part of our job description. But that’s something that will set me apart from other applicants when I begin searching for a job after my year of travel ends. Some situations are manageable and some require all of our energy, but it’s been a learning experience that most other people my age won’t have. It will set me apart when I figure out what the next part of my life will hold.

Additionally, the life of a Field Representative is nothing short of exciting. We’re all at a different school in a new city every week meeting new types of women. Every day is different from the last and that tends to keep life exciting. Never in my life will I have an opportunity quite like this again — traveling the continent, constantly being surrounded by sisters and getting paid for it — it’s quite possibly the best job I’ll ever have.

Now is the only time in my life where this type of job is possible and I’m learning more and more about myself every day. Being on my own a lot is something I thought would be scary, but it’s definitely empowering. I’ve gained a new confidence that I never thought I had in me. I’ve learned to stand up for myself in both professional and nonprofessional situations. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to have those tough conversations with chapter women or alumnae. I’ve learned the importance of standing my ground to benefit a chapter, its women, and Kappa as a whole. Learning to be confident in my beliefs is a skill I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

One of the better parts of this journey, however, is the team I get to share it with. With a core team of 10 Leadership Consultants and a larger team of 12 Field Representatives, we rely on each other constantly. For me, it’s usually a late-night GroupMe text when I’m frantic at a recruitment visit and Preference Round starts in six hours. Or maybe it’s a phone call to Claire to catch up and vent about a delayed flight when I’m stuck at the airport in Des Moines, Iowa. Whatever the situation, we’re definitely better together and it’s a reunion for the ages when we’re finally together again. I can already tell they’re friends for a lifetime. They are people I will still call when I’m up late or waiting on a flight.

This job a dream come true. It’s a role I feel confident in with an organization that has empowered me since I pledged my name and interest four years ago. I consider myself lucky to be able to travel, meet groups of intensely capable women and impact change wherever I go. It’s my way of giving back to Kappa to make it a better organization than when I started.    

Maddy Poletis Maddy Poletis, Missouri, is a 2016–2017 Leadership Consultant. Interested in joining our Field Representative team? Find out more by visiting www.kappa.org/field_representatives today!


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